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Overwatch 2Jun 10, 2015 7:00 pm CT

Overwatch shows off Reinhardt in all of his smashing glory

Das ist Reinhardt.

What kind of person brings a hammer to a gunfight? The same sort of person that towers over everyone in massive mechanical armor and will happily remind all of those little people with guns that all he needs is the hammer.  Yes, Reinhardt might be a melee-only hero in Overwatch, but he has enough defensive and mobility tricks that he’s still a threat.  You can check him out in action in the latest preview video, even.

The core of Reinhardt is making good use of his shield and pacing yourself — it’s very obvious from watching the video that simply charging in and swinging will see you cut to ribbons.  Instead, the focus is on putting up your shield to absorb damage, tossing out Reinhardt’s cooldown-based ranged attack, and then sweeping in with a charge and knockdown when the enemy is bunched up and vulnerable.  It’s an interesting deviation from the more aggressive play styles of other characters, and while watching the video won’t make you a master of this self-styled knight, it certainly gives a good look at how you can not only survive but excel.

Even when bringing a hammer to a gunfight.

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