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WoWJun 11, 2015 6:00 pm CT

Patch 6.2 official shipyard preview

Yesterday, fresh on the heels of the announcement that flying was coming back to Draenor, the Blizzard team released a preview of one of the biggest features coming to World of Warcraft in patch 6.2: the shipyard.

We’ve known most of the information to come out of the package for some time now. After a short quest to construct your shipyard, you can build some ships, and then send them on missions much like your existing garrison followers. The mission table is outside your garrison to the south on the shore, near where you initially crash landed all those months ago.

The key differences between follower missions and shipyard missions are a new resource used for building ships and sending them on missions — Oil — and the fact that if they fail a mission, your ships can be destroyed. Oils are gained in mostly 2 ways: either by completing regular garrison missions or by doing some dailies in Tanaan Jungle. Ship destruction from missions seems to be a quite rare event, but that could be because I’ve been trying to get them destroyed so I can build new ones. Recently, they also added a decommission button, but be wary when you use it. Unlike followers, which are shelved and can be returned later if you wish, if you decommission a ship it’s destroyed and you can’t reclaim it. Build carefully!

The preview went in depth into the different types of ships and the other variables involved. Ship type works similarly to the current follower Abilities, where they directly neutralize threats on the board. Things like the type of crew you get and upgrades you can buy with the original garrison resources work more like Traits, where they give small boosts to success overall, counter some conditions, increase XP gained, etc. They closed out the preview with an image gallery of all the new ships you can see and build, with a couple extra shots of the completed Alliance and Horde shipyards.

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