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The QueueJun 14, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Hoo watches the Watchers?

Welcome back to The Queue, the Q&A column for all things Blizzard related. If you have a question for the Queue, leave a comment and you may see it answered!

I apologize for the owl pun in the headline, but it was necessary for my unnamed buddy, who really needs a good solid dinner or seventeen. He’s wasted away to practically nothing!


Is blizzard allowing any ui mods for hots that just changes the bar placement or size of your character health info?

To my knowledge (and the knowledge of everyone I checked with on staff), there are no mods out there for Heroes of the Storm, UI or otherwise. I don’t know if that’s something they’re going to allow in the future or not.


What class-specific cool thing do you want to see next? A la Hunter’s Gara taming process, Warlock’s green fire quests, etc.

I want to see something shaman-related. I was pretty sad when they took out the old shaman quests to get your various totems — when I leveled my draenei, they were just gone, and it felt like something really important to the class had been lost, flavor wise. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that pop up again. After all, I know on Horde side one of my favorite garrison quests involved helping out Drek’Thar in a pretty significant fashion, and he learned something entirely new. It’d be cool if he could teach that trick to other shaman.

Or something along those lines.


If we know the exact place and time Garrosh appeared,why can’t Chromie zip us back to kill him before the Iron Horde forms?

Because the Bronze Dragonflight can’t just zip people around time anymore — and Garrosh didn’t just traverse time, he traversed realities. This took the Vision of Time to successfully accomplish, and the artifact was destroyed when Kairoz and Garrosh took the trip.


What are your plans for Dire Maul now that you’re king of it?

Oh man, we are having the biggest party. You don’t even know. Stomper Kreeg has way, way more booze than you’d think.


Q4TQ: RE: Draenor Pathfinder and flying…Will there be a gold cost after getting the achievement in order to be able to fly?

All signs point to no! You finish the achievement, get a free mount, and when flight is in place you’ll automatically know how to traverse Draenor’s skies. Please note that this is all PTR material, so it is subject to change — but it seems like this time around, we’ll be completing a series of tasks and achievements for flying, rather than paying a flat sum of gold to anyone.


We know who the hero skins are for Warrior/Mage/Hunter in Hearthstone. Who do you think the other classes will be?

For Warlock, let’s bring in Wilfred Fizzlebang. I know for Druid I’m hoping Hamuul Runetotem will make an appearance. For Paladin, I’m thinking either Lady Liadrin or Sunwalker Dezco, or maybe even Turalyon (it would be appropriate, as they’ve just added Alleria.) Rogue, I’d like to see either Mathias Shaw or Garona. Shaman, I think that having Nobundo in there would only be appropriate, and for Priest, I think Velen, Tyrande, or if they wanted to go with a Horde face, throw Sen’jin in there, because why not?

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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