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The QueueJun 20, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Something’s not right here

Welcome back to The Queue, the Q&A column for all things Blizzard related. If you have a question for the Queue, leave a comment and you may see it answered!

I had a blast in Felwood on this week’s leveling stream, but I’m still a little confused at the last pet I managed to tame. I can’t figure out just what’s so unsettling about the way it yawns, but I’m pretty sure deer aren’t supposed to work that way. On to the questions!


QFTQ: Do you think the next expansion will bring a new class? If so, any ideas?

If they see a space where a new class could fit without too much overlapping of the roles that the other classes already fill, then I imagine we’ll see a new one pop up. Demon hunter has always been a popular suggestion with players, but honestly I still kind of want to see what WoW‘s version of a bard would look like. I think it’d be kind of fun to play with a class that works around the mechanics of buffing, either themselves or others. Sorta like the old paladin role in vanilla — that whole “buffbot” thing — only designed to be way, way more engaging than that.


What’s the plan for when Fox Force Five finally reaches level cap? I need those hours of @BlizzardWatch banter in my life!

Oh if I have my way we will be re-rolling Horde and starting from scratch — I think pretty much everyone is on board with that idea. We’ve only just hit level 50 though, so it’s going to be a while before we see level 100, I think.


Q4tQ: In order to reach 100 treasures, I’d like to know what zones to focus on and which to skip.  I’m Alliance, and have just over 50.  I’ve cleared out Shadowmoon Valley and Gorgrond.  What zone has the easiest to reach treasures, in the most abundance, without a bunch of backtracking and impossible jumping puzzles?

Spires of Arak has a ton of treasure, and on top of that, they have a ton of archaeology fragment caches just sitting around. Frostfire Ridge is also crawling with all kinds of treasure — maybe check over there before you hit up Spires even, as you’ll find about as much in Frostfire as you did in Shadowmoon Valley. Nagrand really isn’t that bad — there are some jumping puzzles, yes, but there are just as many treasures that are just lying around.


If you had the ability to influence the plot for the second Warcraft movie what would you like the plot to cover.

Realistically, if the first film is covering the First War, then the second should ideally cover the Second War, and the third (if we’re talking trilogies here), should cover the Third War.

In my head, though, I’d love to see a combination of Second War stuff and Day of the Dragon — hear me out before you brush that off as terrible. Day of the Dragon maybe wasn’t everyone’s favorite book, but it had a little bit of everything in it, and I could totally see Rhonin as being the swaggering sarcastic semi-antihero that I like watching in a movie. Plus, elves. And dragons. And dwarves, and orcs, and a lot more dragons, and Deathwing. And court intrigue and drama. And Grim Batol. It’s a Warcraft story that exists, but is only known to a handful of Azeroth’s residents, so it wouldn’t really come into a place where it’d require writing around major chunks of lore, either. I mean come on, it’d be amazing.


Question: next week could I, on my level 92, jump on my water strider mount and ride over to the Tanaan Jungle and begin enjoying the scene?

You could, provided you don’t mind being immediately confronted by a lot of very high level Iron Horde and angry mobs that would enjoy eating you for lunch.


What would it take to become an elemental lord? Anyone can assume power? Must be borne & body of that element?

The Elemental Lords were basically really powerful elements that the Old Gods decided would serve as leaders. They didn’t really train, there wasn’t an election, they didn’t rise to the occasion or anything — it was basically just the Old Gods having a good look at the elements and going “Okay, you four, you’re the strongest, you’re in charge.” That was about the extent of it.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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