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The QueueJun 22, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Assault on the Pit

Assault on the Pit is my least favorite of the daily Apexis chores. I have yet to complete it. I gotta go get that done, I just always have something better to do than grind my way through a bunch of elites in prot spec, like, say, sanding down my feet or eating potentially spoiled food.

Anyway, this is the Queue. It’s Queue time.


QftQ: We’re getting Time-walking in certain instances in a few days. We got cross-realm play out in the world a while back. Do you think we will ever see “time-walking” out in the world, kinda like what GW2 does?

We kinda do in certain places – Theramore and the Blasted Lands to be specific. Talk to a member of the Bronze Dragonflight in the area and you get ported back to the zone as it was before a pivotal moment (before the destruction of a major Alliance bastion in both cases).

Technically the Horde lost a base in the Blasted Lands too, but it feels much less significant than losing Nethergarde Keep, which has stood on that spot since the end of the Second War.

Whether we’ll see it for other zones, I couldn’t tell you, but I don’t expect it.


Q4tQ, inspired by the recent mage column: What class ability do you love and would continue to use even if it got horribly nerfed?

Oh man, for warriors there are a truckload. I could list at least six. So instead, I’m going to talk about my brewmaster monk.

Keg Smash. I will never stop using Keg Smash. I’m smashing a keg into people’s faces. This is never going to get old and to be honest I think it’s such a fun ability that it makes the rest of the spec feel weak in comparison.


QftQ: In Europe the WoW Token has gone from around 40k to over 50k. What do people think the effect of 6.2 will be on the price?

I’m not an economist (not even a game economist) but it seems to me that what you’re seeing is simple enough to explain – the people who needed in game gold bought tokens for money, put them up for auction, and made that money. Now they’re done. They’ve spent the money, got the gold they needed for whatever they wanted gold for, and so supply is starting to drop.

Demand went down for a while because people with tons of gold bought a bunch of tokens and are coasting on their big chunks of game time, but there are still people out there who have less gold and who tend to fluctuate around 20 to 40k from their garrisons, transmog farming, etc. Those people still want tokens, and they buy them on a month to month basis, keeping demand relatively steady.

Now, with patch 6.2 coming on people who haven’t played in a while are coming back to check out the new zone and raid, and demand is going up again. As time progresses it’ll fluctuate, but I expect it will generally keep going up – fewer people will buy the token, and this means those that want it will have to pay more to get it.


I dunno, I think we know enough about Silithus.

Things we don’t know about Silithus that we should:

What was the name of the Titan complex that the Qiraji turned into Ahn’Qiraj, and when did they take it over?  What was it’s purpose? We know what Uldaman, Ulduar and Uldum were all about, and we get a small sense of what the Titan facilities in Pandaria were about but we have no idea what AQ was before it became what it is today. Why did the Titans need another facility so close to Uldum? Was it part of Uldum?

The Prophecy of C’Thun implies the following – In the time before time, when the world was still in its infancy, a battle between a Titan and a being of unimaginable evil and power raged on this very soil. The prophecy is unclear about whether or not the Titan was vanquished in this battle but it illustrates that a Titan fell. An Old God had also fallen – or so it was thought. Does that mean that C’Thun fell in battle with a Titan in Silithus? Or did Y’Shaarj die in what is now Silithus, back before the Sundering? Remember, Silithus is as far south as you can get in Kalimdor – it and Uldum would have been adjacent to what is now Pandaria. And we know that the ancient Aqir were the ancestors of the Qiraji and the Nerubians and presumably the Mantid as well – perhaps Y’Shaarj was the original patron Old God (as much as any Old God counts as a patron) for the Aqir, and the Mantid are the closest to their original Aqir stock. Does that mean that C’Thun and Yogg-Saron just moved in on their Qiraji and Nerubian followers? Because the Prophecy of C’Thun says that C’Thun made the Qiraji in his own image. But can we trust the word of an Old God?

No, we can’t. So what actually happened in Silithus? Did an Old God die there? If so, how did it do so? We know the Halls of Origination are in Uldum, a device that can literally destroy and remake the world. Was the Silithus branch of the Titan facility related to that? Or were the Titans studying C’Thun? Was it always trapped there, much as Yogg-Saron was trapped in Ulduar, and the creation of the Qiraji simply a matter of corrupting the place much as Yogg began corrupting Ulduar?

Seriously, what’s going on in Silithus? The place is nuts.

Okay, the Queue is done for now. I’ll see you guys Friday.

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