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The QueueJul 14, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Every so often I try and be fair to the Horde

Not often, mind you. I generally think that orcs, at best, make some truly awful decisions and trust absolutely the last people you should trust to lead them, and at worst they listen to Gul’dan. The first thing anyone should do upon encountering Gul’dan is to stab him in the stomach several hundred times. The fact that we let him go when we got into Tanaan, that was just… man. I’m positive I should have just started stabbing.

Oh, you’re trapped and they are using you to power the Dark Portal? Well, I can think of a very on point solution to that problem!

Anyway, it’s The Queue. Let’s talk about Blizzard and its games.


Q4TQ: Will there be any Gnomes in the Warcraft Movie? What about Elves?

There certainly are not likely to be many night elves in the Warcraft movie. Likewise, blood elves wouldn’t exist yet. Theoretically there could be some high elves, but it’s unlikely we’d see them unless the events of the movie diverge significantly from the timeline as we understand it. Similarly, there weren’t a ton of gnomes in Stormwind during the reign of Llane Wrynn and the events of Warcraft I, which seems to roughly match up with this film.

Likewise, we’re not likely to see trolls, tauren, forsaken are almost impossible, goblins may or may not appear (I’d expect minimal appearance at best) and although part of the movie is set on Draenor, I wouldn’t expect a ton of draenei considering it’s Gul’dan’s Horde and so it’s likely the draenei were almost entirely wiped out. We could possibly get some dwarves.


How do I get to the upper levels of my Alliance Town Hall? (Should be at least a keep, if not a castle, but oh well) I mean, clearly it has them visible from the outside- but how do I get up there?


The short answer is, you can’t. Perhaps once we get flying you’ll be able to fly up there and find a secret door and a ton of loot up there, but for now, it’s purely decorative.


Whatever happened to the warlocks and alternate gender demons?  Didn’t they do a thing on that?

Alternate gender demons are hanging out in the hall of discarded ideas with Path of the Titans and the dance studio. Maybe someday they’ll come out — for all I know they’re still working on them — but they haven’t said anything about them in years.


Lore-wise, are Warlocks technically a branch of Mage that has turned to dark sorcery and demonology or are they something different entirely?

Some warlocks are mages who did that. Others are ex-shamans (Gul’dan, for instance, was never a mage). Still others were never either of those – all that is required to become a warlock is to make deals with demons and draw upon the fel magic of the Twisting Nether.

Yes, this means all warlocks, even your loyal Alliance warlock, has made at least one and probably quite a few pacts with demons. That is how the class works.


Q4TQ: What do you think is the worst job on Azeroth/Draenor? My vote is for the mages who have to keep portals open 24/7.

The girl in my stables who has to milk Mimiron’s Head.


Q4tQ: How much trash is a good amount for a dungeon or raid? What qualities make them interesting or engaging rather than boring?

Keep in mind this is purely my opinion. But here’s my thoughts on how much trash is good and how we can tell.

  • Trash that teaches you fight mechanics or otherwise serves to warn you about what’s coming in the next boss fight serves a useful purpose, but too much of that and it feels like like a heroic band making their way to confront a menace and more like Romper Room with swords.
  • You need enough trash so that a place feels like an actual environment, instead of just a series of passageways with random packs of pinatas to be picked off. The difference between original Naxxramas (when it was a 40 man raid) and Naxx 10/25 is fairly stark here. The gigantic hallsways and chambers of Naxxramas worked great when it contained enough trash for a 40 player raid, but the place felt like a deserted strip mall on 10 man.
  • You may think a raid devoid of trash will be awesome. It won’t be. Trial of the Crusader proves this.
  • Trash should always have a small chance to drop cool epics.
  • Trash should alternate between easy to zerg pulls and pulls that require strategy. An occasional pack of trash that requires real coordination can spice up a dungeon, but if all the trash is like that it becomes a slog. It’s okay for the raid to get the occasional feeling of being an army of heroes storming a forgotten bastion of antiquity and smashing evil.
  • Dear God, never do the Suppression Room again, Blizzard, please.

Okay, that’s the Queue for Tuesday. Alex is back tomorrow and I’ll see y’all Friday.

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