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The QueueJul 22, 2015 11:10 am CT

The Queue: Go away, Birchus

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments and we may choose it for tomorrow’s edition!


Anyone noticing a lower drop rate on medallions of the legion? Typically I kill all 4 hellbane rares on 2 alts, today even pushing to 3 alts doing it, and the last several days, not seen one drop across any of my alts. Want to say a week or so back when I was doing the same, I usually saw 1 medallion drop on one of my alts per day. For myself, going to keep this up one more week.  If I continue seeing no medallions drop for me, that’ll be when I stop bothering with farming them each day.

I don’t kill all of the Hellbane rares on multiple characters per day, but I do those bosses frequently enough and I’ve only seen three Medallions of the Legion since the patch launched. Two of them came from garrison missions, meaning only one of them came to me as a drop. I generally get nothing but oil off of those bosses. Once again, I feel this is simply the nature of RNG rearing its ugly head. You had a streak of good luck. Now you’re having luck that isn’t quite-so-good.


How do I get Birchus to leave my garrison?

I wish I knew. Oh, how I wish I knew. Apparently Birchus has been stomping around the Horde garrison this entire expansion, but he only showed up in the Alliance garrison in patch 6.2 — and I really wish the Horde kept him far, far away from the Alliance. Horde players, do what you do best and pillage him for supplies or whatever. He’s irritating. He makes loud noises. He blocks my view of my garrison. He blocks my ability to click on vendors and my garrison resource cache.

I am convinced Birchus exists only to waste time and irritate. His presence alone made my garrison a worse place to be post-patch 6.2.


I have several (ok, many) alts that aren’t planning on leaving the garrison until the end of WoD.  Can I summon themrun them to Tanaan Jungle to burn up their Apexis on the BoA upgrades or do I have to do the shipyard quest to get them to Vol’mar?

Unfortunately, you need to do the Iron Docks on each of those characters. You can get to Tanaan without doing the Iron Docks, but Lion’s Watch/Vol’mar won’t be there. All you’ll see is an empty plot of land unless you do the quests. Personally, I used an Apexis Bonus weekend to do this. It was perhaps foolish in terms of my sanity, but I used the Apexis Weekend to do the Iron Docks on all of my alts, plus I did the Tanaan dailies on every single one of my characters every day of the event to get them as much gear as possible. Once the Apexis weekend was over, I went back to only doing those on one character per day — usually my maintain, sometimes my warrior alt.

I’m not sure if I’ll grind that hard on the next Apexis weekend, but I love Tanaan, so… I might.



Uh… I guess if you try hard enough, anything can be an instrument. So, yes. Sure. Why not?


Okay, so, is Darkshire the new Goldshire? I was leveling my new Panda hunter, and I saw a RIDICULOUS number of role players. I mean, it is a role playing server, but I had never actually seen them before. I think I accidentally ran through someone’s death scene (sorry about that guys…). It was crazy! Has anyone else seen this?

In my experience, Goldshire is the red light district of RP servers and Darkshire is where the people who want to play something dark and edgy go. Most of what you’ll find in Goldshire is… not appropriate for discussion on Blizzard Watch. Darkshire also has that but with a distinct gothy or grimdark twist, but also things like people who want to do intense warlock roleplay. On my realm back in the day, a coven of warlock roleplayers claimed dominion of Darkshire and were there almost 24/7 — and there were a great number of murders, ritual sacrifices, and graveyard raids.


Can we get an update on the State of the Site on mobile? The ability to swap seems to have vanished. Commenting on iOS uses a light grey font which can be hard to read. The responsive site is just a tad too wide for an iPhone 5s, etc.

Sending us screenshots of anything you believe to be wonky might be helpful here. We had a bare bones mobile theme previously but switched to a response theme — it should be resizing itself to fit the resolution of your mobile device. It’s possible this isn’t working on older phones or phones that aren’t common such as Windows phones. We probably have a grand total of ten people visiting our site on a Windows phone. Note: that isn’t a real number, it’s just a low number I pulled out of the air as an example. The number of Windows phones is quite low.

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