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The QueueJul 28, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I like older fantasy

Since Alex used The Queue to recommend a fantasy novel series, I’ll do so as well.

The Gormenghast series. Three books by Mervyn Peake. If nothing else, try Titus Groan first, see if you like it.

I could recommend more — a lot more, really — but I’m here to answer your questions about Blizzard games, not just recommend books all day. (Mother London by Michael Moorcock, get it.)



Q4tQ: Do we know if Draenei are going to make an appearance in the movie?

I mean, I know they didn’t figure in the Warcraft RTS game, which is roughly the timeframe of the movie. But that’s just because Blizzard hadn’t added them into the setting yet. Logically, as we currently understand the lore, Draenei would have been a factor if the movie is covering the Orc side of the First War, at least a mention of the Orc having already slaughtered another race before they turned to Azeroth.

But on the other hand, Draenei would be really, really hard to explain in the short time that a movie has (“space goats? I thought this was like lord of the rings?!”). So I can see them just being dropped for time reasons.

Has anything official been said on this?

I do not know, personally, as I haven’t seen any of the footage (leaked or otherwise) for the Warcraft movie. I’m told that there’s a scene where Gul’dan uses captured draenei to power the magics in order to open the Dark Portal, but I can’t confirm that. Since Garona is in the movie, unless they’ve changed her backstory draenei will likely at least be present by default.


Q4TQ: Will you be getting up early for the Gamescom announcement? It’s going to be 6am my time, which is about when I wake up anyway.

It’s kind of what I do so yeah, I’ll probably do that.


If the new expansion is announced at gamescom, we only have a few days to speculate on the theme and new race. So let’s get going people!

Well, I already wrote a KYL about this, but here goes.

It feels like we have two options. One goes back to Azeroth and deals with some of the many loose threads left in our wake from previous expansions — Wrathion and his schemes, the Naga and Queen Azshara and the fate of Neptulon, or the new Lich King and Sylvanas’ schemes. Considering Wrathion was obsessed with defending Azeroth from the Burning Legion, and Azshara once worked with Sargeras and the Legion to help them invade, either of those plotlines could connect with Warlords and its ending, especially since for us no time passes between Draenor and our Azeroth, but thanks to the portal it’s a thirty year time difference. So we could return to a world where Gul’dan has had thirty years to plot against us.

The other option is to pursue Gul’dan, wherever he is. Archimonde reminded him of a pact, and sent him through into the Nether — where did he end up? When we chased Gul’dan in Talador, he ended up leading us to Xandros, a ruined world destroyed by an Annihlan named Mongrethod. (Interestingly, Mongrethod uses the same model as Brutallus.) So we know Gul’dan could well be on an entirely different world — or perhaps worlds. Perhaps even K’aresh, the homeworld of the people we know as the Ethereals.

In short, I want us to explore the Warcraft cosmos, travel to new worlds and experience what the Legion has done to others. Let’s take the fight to them.

As for new races, etherals for the Alliance to balance out the goblins Horde side, and for the Horde, I really have no idea. I wish they’d given them ogres already.


Are the Invasion Points at Throne of Kil’jaeden bugged or do they just start spawning demons at random times, even if the icon is up on the minimap? I’m sitting here at Invasion Point: Devastation and no demons are coming out.

I can report no luck with them when my wife and I did this area.

That’s the Queue for today. See everybody Friday.

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