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News > Warcraft > WoWJul 28, 2015 5:00 pm CT

Is Warcraft headed to Universal Studios Orlando?

Sure, there’s a rip-off Warcarft theme park in China, but could the real thing be headed to Universal Studios Orlando? Film blog This Is Infamous says yes. Universal Orlando is currently home to two theme parks and a water park, which sounds sizable until you realize that Walt Disney World has four theme parks and two water parks that are (more or less) just down the road. So how’s Universal going to compete with Disney?

A third park would certainly give the resort more clout — and a video game park is something Universal has already admitted to working on. Earlier this year, the company inked a deal with Nintendo to create attractions based on Nintendo properties. However, details on that project are vague, without specifying when, where, or how Nintendo characters might be used (though a Mario Kart ride seems like a no-brainer). But this rumor says that Nintendo isn’t the only gaming property on the table because Universal — which is partnered with Legendary to distribute next year’s Warcraft movie — may well have rights to bring Warcraft to life in theme park form.

So is this really going to happen? It would make sense for Universal to expand into an additional park — though, much like the rumor that naga will come to World of Warcraft as a playable race, this is a rumor that’s been swirling around for years without materializing. Still, the company has definite plans with Nintendo, so a video game park banking on the global popularity of both Nintendo and World of Warcraft certainly isn’t outlandish. Currently, however, we’re filing this under “rumor,” even if it’s a rumor we’d really like to see come true.

Just in case this is really happening, though, we’ve got a few ideas for you, Universal, free of charge:

  • A dark portal-themed park entrance
  • A Karazhan haunted house
  • A Stormwind Keep to rival Disney’s Cinderella Castle
  • A gryphon and/or windrider-themed roller coaster
  • A real-world Darkmoon Faire
  • A Booty Bay water park
  • A zeppelin ferris wheel
  • A Deeprun Tram from one end of the park to the other
  • A Hemet Nesingwary shooting gallery
  • A Grizzly Hills log ride

Hopefully that’s enough to get started with. Now come on, let’s make this a reality!

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