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The QueueAug 7, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: So, anything interesting happen yesterday?

Anything you guys want to talk about?


Okay, nothing but dinosaur questions it is.

Relax, I’m kidding. Legion is on everyone’s mind, we’ll be talking about that. I’m not cruel enough to talk about dinosaurs today of all days.


I really, really, REALLY did not expect them to add another class, ESPECIALLY not Demon Hunter.

Honestly, neither did I. I really bought the idea that they’d introduce a ranged class if they decided to add a class at all. But here we are, demon hunters, melee DPS/tanks. We’ve introduced three classes since the game started and not a single one has been a pure DPS class. We now have six tank classes, five healer classes, and only four pure DPS. Heck, I get why in terms of lore Demon Hunters are a DPS class that is melee only, but I would have stolen some of the Diablo 3 kit for them, personally.


wondering if Demon Hunter will be Cloth or Leather wearers

I assume that like all other leather wearers, they will be able to equip cloth, but will prefer leather, especially since they’re a melee DPS/tank agi using class.


Ok, pardon my french here, but why the hell are the Alliance and Horde at each others throats again?

Is it possible that for PvP, players might accept a Tournament with an auto rez when you are killed? All the PvP rewards would remain the same, you would have bragging rights, and who knows you might even have a different feeling about winning if your opponent knows anything about being a good sport.

I mean, in a tournament I would be willing to congratulate the other team, after all I do that every time I accept a duel and lose. There are a lot of folks that have received a cheer from me after I “died”.

Lar, I think Tasmia Mallor said it best when she said ‘never underestimate the darkness in another’s heart’ — frankly, the Horde and Alliance have had too many conflicts over the years since they united to form the Might of Kalimdor to work together now. (Also, let’s be honest, players complained so much about them working together in the AQ era that it will likely never happen again.) Between the Wrathgate, the Horde attacks on Alliance troops trying to enter Icecrown, the Horde attacks on Alliance territory in Cataclysm, the Alliance counterattacks, and finally the fallout from the Siege of Orgrimmar, these two factions have enough dirty laundry to keep an entire rack of machines busy.

It’s as much about PvE story as PvP, really. Players complained that seeing Alliance and Horde work together broke immersion, so here we are, many years down the road from having kicked over the first domino that made working together almost impossible. After the Third War, Azeroth actually had a real chance for peace, and we’ve squandered it.


Man, I am loving this lore-thrashing Tom Chilton is doing.

So far, hooves and horns are class features, not due to Illidan’s consumption of the skull of Gul’dan.

Now we have Demon Hunter’s eyes. They were pulled out so you can “see thru walls, and see your enemy.”

Um, no. They are removed and you’re given spectral sight to see magic. Not to give you invisible wallhacks.

And the blindfold enables you to pew-pew lasers like Cyclops.

I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with you. They’re on very solid lore footing.

We first met the Illidari in The Burning Crusade, where they were an order of demon hunters started by Illidan himself. Leotheras was one of them, Varedis another. Varedis was the only successful student of Illidan’s first five blood elf pupils, and he in turn trained more blood elves in the arts of demon hunting, according to Altruis the Sufferer (a night elf demon hunter and former student of Illidan himself). Illidan’s training methods include allowing a demon to enter the students, which is what killed three out of the five initial blood elf students and drove Leotheras mad.

In other words, they don’t have to absorb the Skull of Gul’dan to gain demonic features, they’re all exposed to multiple sources of fel energy. Remember, we saw with both Felblood Elves and Satyrs that elves who are exposed to fel energy can grow horns and hooves. Yes, Illidan did it by absorbing the power of the Skull of Gul’dan, but that was a instantaneous change that probably would kill most other people. The demon hunters Illidan trains are more gradually exposed to the demonic power.

The slightly different implementation of Spectral Sight isn’t a lore issue. The official site’s write up of the demon hunter makes that clear. “Demon hunters ritually blind themselves in exchange for spectral sight that enables them to better sense their prey.”

See, I like to think I’m fairly conversant with the game’s lore. None of the problems you list are actually problems. Illidan shoots an eye beam during the fight atop the Black Temple. Clearly his most advanced students (the ones being sent on a secret mission to a Burning Legion controlled planet, one might speculate) would likely be trained in a similar technique.



Did this site get hit by a giant influx of visitors? It was unreachable on my phone, laptop, tablet, and two desktops at home AND my desktop at my office.

Not complaining. That is actually a great sign for you guys.

Not just us. The official World of Warcraft site, most other fansites, we all took a beating. A whole lot of people were curious about the next expansion, I’d say.

And that’s The Queue for today. Anne takes over for the weekend, ask her as many questions as you can, please.

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