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DiscussionSep 7, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Is your shipyard still in use?

I have mixed feelings about the shipyard in my garrison — or rather, next to my garrison, as I have to travel down a hill to get to it. Luckily I have an item that will teleport me there instantly, but that’s beside the point. On the one hand, I like the shipyard itself, I think it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s kind of cool that I’ve managed to build a port of all things out in the wilds of Frostfire Ridge. On the other, now that my days on Draenor are waning, I have to kind of force myself to go visit the shipyard and sent ships out on missions that will hopefully end successfully.

It’s not that the rewards from the shipyard aren’t good. Much like all time spent on the Timeless Isle at the end of Mists, right now, I’m mostly focusing on doing missions that result in bind-on-account gear that I can eventually use on alts. It’s that beyond the obvious alt usage, there seems to be little purpose to gathering all this other stuff. Archimonde has been out and beatable on LFR for a couple of weeks now, and his defeat kind of marks the end of the expansion in a way. I don’t really plan on doing any Mythic raiding, so upgrades for myself aren’t exactly a necessity, which makes the shipyard less of a thing-I-must-do and more of a thing-I-could-do-if-I-wanted. Most of what I’m doing with my garrison is just regular missions, pulling in the gold where I can.

So I’m curious, for those of you that have defeated Archimonde and have your legendary rings — are you still using your shipyard on a regular basis? What use are you getting out of it — is there something I’m missing that I should be going for? Do you think the shipyard was a fun addition to the garrison? Is there anything you wish would have been added to the shipyard, or are you fine with the way it is?

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