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The QueueSep 8, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I don’t have an opinion on Wrathion and Anduin

I like Diablo 3 quite a lot but I dislike that the always on internet connection means that if my internet goes out I can’t play it. I wish Blizzard would make a single player RPG that didn’t require such a connection so I could play even when my internet went out.

Hi. This is the Queue. We answer your questions here.

A lot of you have opinions on Wrathion and Anduin getting together. I don’t. I don’t think about the two of them at all. Honestly, the last time I saw Wrathion he got mad and turned into a dragon baby and flew away in a huff.


Q4tQ : Why when I choose to logout, sometimes i have to wait 20 secs, sometimes i log right out, and sometimes i get the option to wait the 20 secs or logout out instantly? Why have these different options and when does each apply ?

This depends on two things. One, are you in an inn or a capital city or other ‘safe’ area, and two, did you select logout or quit? If you choose to logout in a non-safe area (defined as any place that isn’t an inn or a capital city for this purpose) then you get a timer. If you choose to quit the game entirely in such an area, you’ll get the quit now option, but your character remains ‘in game’ even while you’ve disconnected, for the 20 second period.


Lore Q: So Khadgar is taking over Dalaran, and Jaina has “gone somewhere”. Khadgar is gonna open the city to the Horde again. I understand that this is mostly for gameplay reasons, but there are obvious (and quite huge) lore implications.

Jaina kicked the Horde out because of the participation of the Sunreavers in the destruction of Theramore, and the infiltration of Darnassus after that. She had plenty of reasons to do what she did. But I think there’s another pretty big reason why she should not be alone in that sentiment; one that is unrelated to Theramore, but pertains to the Kirin Tor: Rhonin.

Wasn’t Rhonin a beloved leader? Didn’t the Kirin Tor, and the citizens of Dalaran (those who raised their eyes to the sky and observed) like him? Aren’t they upset that their leader was killed in Theramore by the Horde? Shouldn’t they also want to kick the Horde out from their city, for reasons unrelated to Jaina’s personal experiences? Is Blizzard going to write around that?

If you read the Jaina book Tides of War, Dalaran was willing to allow the Sunreavers to remain in the city after Rhonin’s death, and Jaina was willing to work with them after it, too. Jaina only expelled the Sunreavers after they worked with the Horde to help steal the Divine Bell and used the portals in Dalaran to do it, thereby involving the city in the Horde/Alliance conflict (on the Horde side, no less) after she had expressly forbid any involvement on either the Horde or Alliance side of the conflict.

People forget that Jaina really went the extra mile here. Before she finally expelled the Sunreavers, she fought to stay neutral and keep Dalaran out of the conflict even after Anduin came to Dalaran and told her his father wanted her help.

So as far as Dalaran working with the Horde, the city seemed willing to do it even after Rhonin’s death. I’m not sure how the citizens feel about Jaina following the purge, nor how the people who were driven out feel about Dalaran, if they can work together now. I’d be surprised if there aren’t some deep divides in the city in Legion.


BTW, I have to admit flying around Draenor isn’t as quick as I thought it was going to be.  Previously, I had thought Blizzard was avoiding implementing flight in Draenor because they felt like it would show how small a continent Draenor was compared to Northrend and Pandaria, but it’s actually a pretty large continent too.

I don’t know where people got this idea, but I see it all the time.

The thing is, our land mounts are still 100% (assuming you’re using an epic land mount, if not, wow I feel bad for you) so you still can pretty easily get a sense of how large the landmass is by riding around it. If you have the time, go ahead and ride from the top of Gorgrond to the bottom of Spires of Arak on a land mount and set a timer. You don’t need flying to see that’s a pretty big land mass.


Serious QFTQ: with school starating tomorrow up here in Toronto, which of the Warcraft novels would you recommend for a class read aloud to grade 7s (12 year olds)? I was thinking Lord of the Clans to look at racism from Thrall’s POV or even The Last Guardian for the mystery piece. I’ve read the first book from the Legend of Drizzt series (homeland) before and my students loved it but with Legion coming out I want something Warcraftesque. Also it might spawn interest in some of my students to play WoW. I’m still trying to convince my principal to let me teach them economics using the WoW AH.

My first suggestion is always The Last Guardian because Jeff Grubb is awesome. It’s a very solid read.

From there, if you’re looking for some themes like racism, or a culture being led into conflict and war by false means, Rise of the Horde is a pretty decent option. You could also print out Mickey Neilson’s Unbroken for a follow up.


no 30 year old male in their right mind would turn down a 20 year old woman.

Here is a by no means complete list of 30 year old men who would turn down a 20 year old woman while remaining in their right minds

  • In a relationship
  • Not attracted to her (for any reason, from personal sexual orientation to aesthetic or other reasons)
  • Not particularly sexual
  • Not the right place or time
  • Professional reasons (30 year old is in a position of power or authority over 20 year old

As an example, when I was thirty, I was a teaching assistant in college. There were at least three occasions where I turned down a liaison with a younger partner for the simple reason that it would get me fired. (I was also suspicious that said liaison was only being offered in an attempt to use me to avoid doing the class work.)

There are many, many other reasons why people would not wish to be involved with someone younger than them. They aren’t gender or orientation exclusive, either.


We are entering the doldrums for WoD (some would argue we’ve been here for awhile). It’s natural that people who’ve focused on WoW for the last several months will be drifting to include other pursuits. Like another game.

Honestly, while I can and do play other games, for me WoW remains a unique and unusual animal in that I often play alts entirely because I feel like I’ve done all I can with my main but I don’t want to play another game at that moment. WoW hits a very specific spot for me, a combination of nostalgia and new experiences (leveling a monk was eye opening for me) and I don’t see that I’ll ever stop playing it as long as it continues.


Hey Alex, what feature in Dragon Age would you like to see in WoW?

I’m obviously not Alex (he’s generally nicer and better looking than I am) but I’ll answer the question anyway.

Dying your armor. I love that my inquisitor can wear all red armor. I’d love it if I could dye my Battlegear of Wrath to be red.

Otherwise, WoW pretty much has everything I’d want. Mounts? Check. My own keep? Yeah,. I got one of those. A mission table? Yep. A group of followers? Yeah, we got that. Considering Star Wars: The Old Republic had romance options with your followers, I wouldn’t mind WoW snagging that but I know a lot of you don’t particularly care about that. They usually end up just being a way to start arguments online anyway. Not like we’re short of those in WoW. (Looks nervously at all the Anduin/Wrathion comments yesterday.)

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see you guys Friday, and hopefully by then you’ll be done talking about which dragons you want to date which humans.

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