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The QueueNov 13, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Winston is the best

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Okay so I realize we just had three new Overwatch heroes introduced at BlizzCon, and while I played a little with Mei last night and she was pretty cool, Winston is still the best. Because he is. Ice walls are cool and all, but there is nothing like getting super angry and punching someone off a building, Warner Bros. style.


I’m sure the chances are slim but will they loosen the restrictions on faction gear for transmog? Specifically weapons from ToC.

That’s highly doubtful. Those sets were specifically designed to visually represent the factions they were designated for — and while I’d love the Alliance leather chestpiece on my rogue, and have longed for it, I’ve resigned myself to never actually obtaining it.


So now it’s finally here.  We can finally put the ultimate conflict into glorious battle.  Pirates vs. Ninjas!  I’m really interested to hear what Anne thinks of the changes.

Ask and ye shall receive! I actually like what they did with Outlaw, it sounds a lot more thematically interesting than Combat ever was, and the whole pistol dynamic is interesting enough that I’m considering going back to the spec. I haven’t been Combat since…early Wrath of the Lich King, so maybe it’s time to switch it up. Then again, Subtlety also looks pretty amazing.

The only thing that weirds me out just a little is the fact that Assassination is the only spec that is keeping poisons. Poisons have been one of those integral parts of being a rogue since day one — back in vanilla we even had a class quest for the things — so it’s strange to see not one but two rogue specs suddenly without them.

However — I really like that they’re taking each spec in such a drastically different direction. Just from reading the preview, they really feel like three separate, dynamic specs, differentiated from each other, but representing rogues as a whole. I’m optimistic! And I think I’m going to have to play both Outlaw and Subtlety before I make any finalized spec decisions.


I’m looking forward to Blizzard Watch in the Beta for WoW.

We have a ton of questions and simply want to know more about the upcoming expansion. I understand that much of it may not be playable but I am more interested in class mechanics and tmog systems and quality of life changes than I am in reviews of the zones — I’ll look to see those myself!

Does Blizzard Watch have a plan?

We haven’t finalized any sort of major game plan yet, considering we’ve all just returned from BlizzCon. But expect coverage, and a lot of it — and we might do some streaming too, if possible, just because that’s always fun. We’re just as excited as you all are about the litany of changes and the upcoming expansion, and we can’t wait to dive in once we’re able!

…and let’s face it, the second I’m able I’m going to be all over the wardrobe and the transmog changes.


QftQ: Do we know the origin story of the demons? Havn’t they been ‘scouted’ and/or coerced for forever and a half? Some corrupted, some joining for power, right? But like, who started this whole shabang? Is there a demonic leader with power on par with the Titans? They existed before Sargeras’ fall, so there must be someone over even -him-, right?

We don’t, actually — we do know that demons in general existed before the Burning Legion. We assume that they didn’t have any kind of leader, because Sargeras seems to be the first to round them all up into a cohesive unit and command them as an army. But where they came from originally? No clue. Maybe if we knew that, we’d understand why Sargeras went a little bonkers.

And it’s possible we’ll hear more about this in the upcoming World of Warcraft: Chronicle book that’s due out next spring. It said it’s covering the history of the Warcraft universe, so maybe it’ll touch on that.


I have heard a rumor that the new transmog system in Legion will allow us to hide shoulder piece models.  Is anyone else as excited about this as I am, or is my transmog nerdery just consuming my soul a bit too much today?

Look if there is anyone as excited as you are, or possibly more excited, it’s me. And it’s totally not a rumor — you’ll be able to hide your shoulders in Legion. I don’t know how many transmog sets I’ve put together that have been almost perfect, except for those pesky shoulders that always have to be shown. Sometimes it’s not about finding the perfect piece of gear, sometimes it’s also about finding the perfect combination of gear and the absence thereof that makes an outfit, you know?

Regardless, this is something that players have been asking for since…man, I think pretty much ever since we could hide our hats and cloaks, we’ve been wanting to hide shoulders too. I’m really happy they’re giving that to us.


Q4tQ: Why isn’t there a Draenei hero yet in HotS and when one is finally added, which should be the first?

I don’t know why they haven’t added one yet! I’d love to see Yrel in there, or Velen even, or Maraad. Or they could go with the Broken and add Akama or Nobundo in there, either option would be cool. They kind of already have a Paladin hero with Uther though, so I don’t know if they’d want to drag another one in — but having Velen haul off and kick some butt, prophet-style, might be entertaining.

I think Akama would be a good choice just because of the story surrounding the Ashtongue Deathsworn — they’re secretive, stealthy, working undercover to take Illidan down from the inside. I think Akama has the potential for some really cool abilities. Not quite a Draenei I suppose, but he’d still be fun!

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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