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The QueueFeb 23, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Floating Mostly Naked Man

This is The Queue, and we’re talking about Blizzard and its games. Y’all talked a lot about Overwatch yesterday. I’m not in the Beta, so… yeah. I did what I could.

For some reason there is a mostly naked human just kind of floating there in the Warrior class hall. I do not know why he is there.


QftQ — when we send our Followers out on missions, they’re going on missions on AU Draneor.

How are they returning with salvaged bags and crates of old (up to 10 years old) gear from Azeroth?!

Gear levels, character levels and the like are a mechanic that players use, not the characters. I mean, it’s not like a worg on Draenor is actually a level 92 animal while a worg on Azeroth is level 22. This is purely for our sake as players. So in essence there’s plenty of green gear on Draenor for them to find in their days salvaging.


Anyone else excited for the new Flail model finally in game? Just a Protection Paladin artifact right now, but I hope with the model in game they will add more eventually.

It’s very Crusader-ish.

I mean, I get why people would be excited, but for me, it’s a Paladin thing and I’m not likely to level a Prot Pally in Legion, so… more power to you guys, it’s neat looking, I hope you enjoy it.

Q4tQ: Are exotic beasts still restricted to Beast Mastery Hunters in Legion? Do you feel they should remain exclusive, or should Survival Hunters be allowed to summon them as well? 

As far as I can tell, since Marks doesn’t have a pet at all, yes the restriction remains. (I’ve leveled a Marks and a Survival Hunter, haven’t done Beast Mastery yet.) Should they? Yes, absolutely they should. It’s in the name of the spec — Beast Mastery is about mastering beasts. Letting Survival tame exotic beasts basically says “Hey, we get the special melee stuff and your entire deal.”

That’s just my opinion, of course, and I really only play the one Hunter alt, so take it with as much salt as you think warranted.


What has been your favorite raid encounter in WoD? Favorite raid encounter ever?

I think I would have to go with Operator Thogar, because trains!

For all of WoW, I will have to dig deeper.

Keeping in mind I didn’t get to raid heroic HFC because my eyes have been steadily degenerating (I didn’t even know that was what happened, but hindsight’s all I have going right now sight wise) but I really enjoyed getting to fight Kilrogg in HFC. Pretty solid fight in my opinion.

As for my favorite encounter in WoW, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between old school Nefarian from Blackwing Lair and tanking Spine of Deathwing, just because that was the perfect storm of Warrior tanking mobility on a fight.


Q4tQ: That last question made me wonder again why  almost every WoW fan site/podcat/whatever has changed into a Blizzard games site/podcast/whatever.*

While there is a “Blizzard Touch”, the fundamentally different types of games that Blizzard produces makes it seem to me that there’s not really all that much overlap in players.

I mean, to me, covering HoTS and WoW in the same place makes about as much sense as a Skylanders fan site deciding they’re also going to cover Call of Duty because they’re both Activision games.

Am I way off-base here? Is there a lot more “I play all Blizzard games” people than I think? Is it just that there isn’t enough WoW players alone to support larger sites/podcasts/whatever?

* yes, yes, I know that not every WoW site has turned into a Blizzard site. Just exaggerating to make a point. But it does seem like all the big ones did.

I am not one of the owners of this site, and I don’t hold an editorial position here. So all I can offer you is my opinion. But in my opinion it’s a very simple reason why we did this.

Content droughts.

Back in the old days, we would dread content droughts. They would make us physically ill, because we knew what would happen, and it happened at the end of The Burning Crusade, at the end of Wrath, at the end of Cataclysm and at the end of Mists of Pandaria.

Namely, nothing. For months. At the least.

By going to a broader coverage where we still focus on World of Warcraft but we’re free to talk about other Blizzard games like Diablo 3 or Hearthstone when they have some news, we can avoid some of the worst affects of content droughts on us as a site, namely that we have nothing to talk about.

You’d obviously want to ask Alex or Adam or others for other reasons, but I feel confident that the one I’ve given you has come up in our discussions on hundreds of occasions.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Tuesday. Alex is up tomorrow, and I’ll see you guys on Friday. Heh. ‘See’ you. Man, that’s never going to actually seem funny to me.

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