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The QueueMar 16, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Many games, handle it

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Does there appear to be any time limit on the Lady Liandrin hearthstone hero cross-promotion?

There doesn’t appear to be, no. And I’d be surprised if there was a time limit. Both of these titles are Blizzard games and they’re both digital products, so it’d be really strange if they put a time-based limitation on it. They’ll get far more bites overall if they leave it indefinitely.


I’ve been watching Jesse Cox’s Overwatch videos a lot lately and I’m worried that when I do get the game that there is going to be a large skill gap between those of us that are not in the beta (and thus can’t spend hours playing and getting better) and the people that are in the beta. I guess this wasn’t so much as a question as a concern.

There absolutely will be a skill gap, but Blizzard’s matchmaking system is unlikely to pit you against those players. The people who are already good at the game will rise to the top of the ranks and play against other people at that level. You’ll play against others of your skill level. And as you get better at the game, you’ll move up and continue to play against people at your skill level. A couple months of extra playtime doesn’t mean people will be better than you forever; if you want to get there, you will.


Is Xul overpowered?

I have yet to lose a game with Xul, unless the opposing team also has a Xul. His skeleton build is just so strong.

Yes, absolutely. That’s why he’s getting hit with some pretty big nerfs today! So far, Xul has been a little too good at everything without having many drawbacks. Li Ming’s damage is insane, but she’s super squishy. If you can get a close encounter with her, she’s just dead. Xul pumps out crazy damage but also has higher survivability and better waveclear. He was specifically introduced to shake up the melee-heavy competitive scene, but I think they went a little too far. His damage combined with one of his basic abilities being a fairly powerful root means he wouldn’t just shake up the melee-heavy scene, he’d eliminate any chance of people being able to play melee.


More level scaling clarification: Let’s say a level 100 is fighting a 110. You walk up at 105. Is that mob 110 or 115 to you?

If a level 100 is fighting a mob that’s level 110, then that mob is either bugged and not scaling properly or is specifically intended to be fought at max level only — or is intended to be the equivalent of a Fel Reaver, a wandering environmental threat. There are some wandering ettin in the Broken Isles, for example, which are always level 110 and you need to dodge around them while questing. In that case, a level 105 would also see it at level 110. Against mobs which are not bugged or are not reserved for max level content only, the level 100 would see it as level 100 and the level 105 would see it as level 105.


so apparently the Council Of Tirisfals(Tirisgarde) has been rebuilt for Legion. Have they been mentioned in the Alpha at all?

Spoiler Alert:

Yes. The mage artifact quests and mage class hall are all up in Tirisgarde business.


You’re the Stormwind chef and Anduin Wrynn tells you he wants a sandwich without elaboration. What do you serve him?

I believe he’s still a teenager (if on the high end of the teens), so a peanut butter and jelly will do him fine.

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