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News > WoWMar 17, 2016 8:02 pm CT

Legion: Marksmanship Hunters get their pet back

Hellfire Citadel hunter

Marksmanship Hunters will be getting their pet back in a future alpha build, Celestalon wrote today. While it didn’t make it into today’s alpha update, it was important enough for Celestalon to mention it on the forums so that alpha testers can take it into account regarding new feedback. We don’t have any sort of timeframe for this future build other than “Soon.”

This change comes on the heels of a lot of negative feedback regarding a core value of Hunter class fantasy. While I can appreciate the devs trying to make specs feel unique across pure DPS classes, it’s nice to see that they’ve been taking class feel and feedback into account as well. Pets have been such a classic aspect to Hunters that for many it just didn’t feel like the same class without it. For those of you who liked the lone ranger feel to Marksmanship, the Lone Wolf talent is still available, now at level 15 instead of 100.

Also of note to Hunters, Celestalon mentions the removal of Exotic Munitions and moving Black Arrow back down in order to once again have the popular Lone Wolf + Black Arrow combination. Like the pet change, these are scheduled for a future alpha build.

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