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Class Fantasy

The Queue: Bracers are the bane of my existence

So, I have a bunch of armor sets on the dummies in my Order Hall, but many of them aren’t complete in the Wardrobe. I was baffled by this until I went and looked at them and found out that while the dummies don’t seem to care, the Wardrobe demands bracers in many cases.

I have to go farm like thirty bracers now.

This is not making me at all happy.

Here’s the Queue. Let’s talk Blizzard.

The Queue: Title redacted edition

Really, Queuevians? Really? You have to learn that you cannot encourage Adam. It will all go to his head and before you know it we’ve got the downfall of civilization on our hands. He’s already declared himself Pope Holisky I and if that’s not a gross overreach of power—

Excuse me. I have just found out that I have been promoted to Inquisitor, and so I’m quite sure that I have no issues whatsoever with anyone I work with. Not even Mitch, my best friend with whom I am answering Queue questions today.

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