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Don’t expect major class changes in Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft’s expansions have become known for their wide, sweeping changes, and systems overhauls every time a new one comes out. Legion was no exception, and perhaps contained the most extreme overhauls as the WoW devs hammered out each class and spec according to class fantasy.

Role Play: Godmoding vs. metagaming It doesn’t matter if you’ve been roleplaying for years, or you’re a brand new roleplayer — sometimes we slip up. Everyone does it from time to time, and it’s not the end of the world if you happen to do so.

What’s your class fantasy? Legion has focused on a return to “class fantasy” at the core of each class, and that has me wondering — does that core class fantasy change depending on when a player started playing WoW? Does it change depending on how long you’ve been playing?

I'll never stop missing totem forts, though.
Role Play: When you don’t agree with class fantasy Legion has been an expansion all about “class fantasy” – a deeper exploration into what it means to be a member of a particular class. We aren’t focusing on Alliance or Horde this expansion, we’re focusing on classes themselves, and the Armies of Legionfall represent the pinnacle of all of those classes uniting and standing...

Blizzard talks class changes in Patch 7.2.5 We just got patch 7.2 a week ago and already Blizzard is talking about what’s coming in patch 7.2.5, which is an encouraging sight if you’re hoping for smoother content releases in Legion. In addition to discussing specific class changes (which we’ll round up below) they discussed a general concern with talents in this expansion...

The Queue: Bracers are the bane of my existence So, I have a bunch of armor sets on the dummies in my Order Hall, but many of them aren’t complete in the Wardrobe. I was baffled by this until I went and looked at them and found out that while the dummies don’t seem to care, the Wardrobe demands bracers in many cases.

Breakfast Topic: What’s your class fantasy? Legion‘s focus on “class fantasy” has been great… as long as your idea of your class fantasy matches up with Blizzard’s idea of your class fantasy. From what I’ve played of the alpha so far, with some classes, the fantasy just feels right — but for others, it seems as though Blizzard totally missed the mark....

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Legion: Marksmanship Hunters get their pet back Marksmanship Hunters will be getting their pet back in a future alpha build, Celestalon wrote today. While it didn’t make it into today’s alpha update, it was important enough for Celestalon to mention it on the forums so that alpha testers can take it into account regarding new feedback.

The Queue: Title redacted edition Really, Queuevians? Really?

Breakfast Topic: What do you want out of your class hall? I have to admit it: I’m a little jealous of Druids right now. In the Legion alpha, the Druid class hall is full of cozy nooks, beautiful scenery, and little places for players to sit back and chill.

Breakfast Topic: How many abilities do you really need? While I haven’t played every class and spec available in the Legion alpha, I’ve been struck by how empty my toolbars are on the ones I have played. We knew that many specs were getting pared down and reorganized to better fit into their particular fantasy, but knowing it and seeing it in action are...

Tsuki on Windwhisper (US) casting Uplift
Zen Meditation: Is the Legion Mistweaver becoming overly homogenized? When the Monk Legion class preview debuted, probably the first concern — and rightly so — voiced by Mistweavers questioned whether the specialization would become too similar to other healers. Speaking from experience, I quit my Restoration shaman and my Restoration druid pre-Mists when I felt that healing had become boring for me.

Breakfast Topic: Embracing that Class Fantasy I was thinking about this one as far back as during Wrath when they talked about bringing distinctiveness between specs. I mean, how does an Assassination Rogue differ from an Outlaw?

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Spiritual Guidance: Our own class fantasy BlizzCon soon approaches, and with it Legion‘s promise to go back to the fantasy of each class. Priests are unique because their class fantasy derives from their individual races, rather than the class itself.

Shadow Word: Shadow Priest class fantasy in Legion Last month, I talked about the history of Shadow Priest gameplay and how it’s evolved over the course of World of Warcraft’s lifespan. While there are some minutiae left undiscussed, from a gameplay perspective what’s made Shadow what it is leaves little room for questioning.

Lightsworn: The Battle Cleric Holy Paladin fantasy I’ve recently begun running a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and one of my players is playing a cleric. In recent editions of D&D, clerics have been encouraged to specialize at either being a melee combatant in heavy armor swinging around a big weapon (essentially a Retribution Paladin), or a divine spellcaster smiting foes from...