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The QueueMar 25, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: My actual beard is crazier than this

Seriously, this was the worst I could do in WoW and it’s nowhere near as out of control thicket full of briars as my actual beard is. I feel like Emperor Norton over here.

This is The Queue. Let’s get it on like a video game ape who started off as Mario’s main antagonist before the guy started tripping on mushrooms and fighting turtles.


QftQ: In Legion, is Dalaran orientation the same, as in, do the Legion version have the north pointing the same way that the WotLK one does?

If there’s a deviation from Wrath, it’s a very small one. The Horde section still is north, the Alliance section south, Krasus’ Landing is north with the Broken Isles to the north of that.


Q4tQ: I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Hunters were going to be holding their guns with two hands in Legion, not wildly waving it around in one hand, but I can’t seem to find evidence of this. Does anyone know if this is real?

I’m more putting this here because no one answered it in the Queue yesterday, not because I know the answer. As far as I can tell Hunters are still not Warriors in Legion, and so they’re not grabbing hold of the barrel with both hands and…

Oh. Sorry. I’m being informed that you didn’t mean using the gun like a club. Anyway, no, I haven’t noticed the Hunters using guns differently. Anyone got a real answer for this one?


Q4tQ: Are there any indications yet, in the Wardrobe, how looks are unlocked for class/spec specific quest rewards? For example, http://www.wowhead.com/quest=29900/an-ancient-legend I did this on my Druid. Does it look like all the reward appearances will be unlocked for all my toons, or will I have to go do that quest with cloth, mail, and plate wearers as well?

At present, since we still can’t import our actual characters, all I can say is that it is likely you’ll have all the rewards that the character who did the quest could equip. So if you did it on a Druid and you have a Monk and a Rogue, the Monk would have both of the bracers unlocked. The Rogue might have both or just one, I’m honestly not sure (the Rogue wouldn’t have gotten both if she did the quest herself, but I’ve unlocked old int plate for my Warrior, so it may not be that strict) but I do know you’ll not have unlocked the other appearances. Cloth, mail and plate won’t unlock for a leather wearer, you’ll need to have done the quest on one of those to get those looks.


When will Blizzard let me put on a pirate hat and an eye patch at the same time? I’m not fussy, I’ll take a single helm that happens to include both, even if it only comes in one color; I’ll build a whole transmog around it.

The idea that you can’t wear a hat and glasses at the same time (or an eyepatch, or a cloth over your lower face) is a trifle silly, I’ll admit. I live in Alberta. In past years I’ve actually left my house in a ski mask with glasses on, a took on top of that, and a bandana tied over my face for extra protection.

Then again, I can also wear more than one ring (I’ve actually worn eight at once for a costume party, I went as evil Hal Jordan just before he became Parallax) so maybe they’re not going for what’s possible so much as what’s manageable. As for pirate hat and eye patch at once… eeeeh. Not a great look IMO.

Then again I think the whole pirate thing is played. What I want is the ability to turn off chestplates for that Conan look.


Question for Rossi: You mentioned you visited Ireland – where did you go and why didn’t ya call to see me?? :)


I didn’t call you because I had no idea you existed. Did you exist? I mean, it was 21 years ago, you might not have. I was a youngish college student studying theatre abroad and as part of that I traveled to various British and Irish cities — I got to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Dublin as well as a few places along the coast like Arklow.

Ireland was strange, because I have living relatives there — my Grandmother’s brothers and sisters children. They were nice enough, but they clearly had no idea who I was or why I cared, and so I didn’t keep in contact with them. I’m glad I went, though.


Q4TQ: Do insects actually deserve to be crushed?

Insects make up more than half of all living organisms on the planet. There are more than a million described species of insect, and they’re a major player in the Arthropoda, the dominant form of life on the planet.

Measured purely by biomass, Earth is ruled by insects.

So it’s really more of a question if insects think it’s worth crushing you. So far they’ve decided not to. Keep asking questions like that one and they may change their minds.


Q4TQ: How well known is it on Azeroth that the Old Gods exist? Does the average townsperson in Lakeshire know about them? When the Twilight Cult was preaching prior to the Shattering, did others take them seriously?

Ah, you’ve decided to pick a fight with something a lot less scary than insects, I see. Good. Smart of you.

The average denizen of Azeroth knows that demons exist, but not who Sargeras is, or Mal’Ganis, or what have you. They’d lump Old Gods and all of their various creations under the umbrella of ‘monsters’ and let it go — to put it another way, anyone who encounters a real live minion of an Old God likely doesn’t live long enough to tell anyone about it and wouldn’t be sane enough to give a coherent description if he or she did survive.

The family that brings their crop in to Goldshire to sell at the Sunday Market doesn’t know more than ‘bad stuff happens and that’s why we have heroes’ – to him, murloc attacks are a big deal. This is a world without any sort of global communication’s network for the average villain (I mean that in the original sense of ‘person who lives in a village’) only knows about the few things he or she actually experiences.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this installment. I’ll try and talk more about dinosaurs next time.

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