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The QueueApr 12, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Warriors, Outland, escort quests, and more

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!


Q4Q: Setting aside lore and aesthetics, is there any race that you feel synergizes (gameplay-wise) well with Warriors?

If you take out lore and aesthetics, all that’s left is racial abilities. Obviously this changes from expansion to expansion, and the Warlords racials felt fairly homogenized. If you PvP a lot Humans are a good choice. The Night Elf racial is weird, but that doesn’t make it bad. Orcs and Trolls have decent racial abilities as well.

Ultimately, divorced from all the fun stuff, any race works fine as a warrior. Racials are of moderate importance at best.


Lorewise, what’s up with Outland these days? Are we occupying it or did we just leave it to its own devices?

As of Legion we know that Danath Trollbane has finally left Outland. That’s basically the only serious update to the place since the end of The Burning Crusade – as of right now there’s pretty much no real update to it. Oh, I suppose Khadgar left, too. Things are basically post-Sunwell there and have been for years.


Escort quests used to stress me out terribly back in the olden days. The robochicken quests were particularly bad. Now that I am old and jaded, and most escort quests have been seriously nerfed, they aren’t as thrilling or as frustrating.

One of the things I have always hated about escort quests is that the people we’re escorting don’t behave like people. Whether it’s Marshall Windsor back in the day, or Thrall in Durnholde Keep, there’s always a host of frustrating and variant behaviors to drive me out of my gourd. It’s worse when you’re escorting robot chickens with no self preservation instincts or Harrison Jones, who is just a moron.

I can honestly say I haven’t done any in a while, and I don’t freaking miss them.


q4tq: did you play any of Diablo 3 season 5? If so, are there any goals you wanted to reach but didn’t?

I generally don’t play Diablo in a seasonal manner. I’ll get a hankering, play it for a week straight, then just stop and come back in a few months when I have a hankering again. That’s just how I like to play it.


Is intermixing races very common in Warcraft lore, or are Garona, and Rexxar the rare exceptions?

Rexxar is a Mok’Nathal, and to be honest I don’t know how common his half-ogre/half-orc status is. Leoroxx, Rexxar’s father, says that being a half breed does not make one a Mok’Nathal, but he doesn’t elaborate on what that means. So it’s entirely possible that Rexxar’s ogrish blood has nothing to do with him being a Mok’Nathal, or that it does, or that all Mok’Nathal are as a clan descended from Orcs and Ogres and it’s become a kind of racial designation. We just don’t know.

As for Garona, she was a product of a hideous breeding experiment of Gul’dan’s concoction, where Draenei were horribly abused and forcibly impregnated by Orcs via rape. It’s not very common at all. Lantressor is another half orc/half draenei, and we don’t know how many others there are or were.

We know that Elves and Humans can interbreed. There are three half-breed members of the Windrunner line — Arator the Redeemer, son of Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon is a half elf, as are Giramar and Galadin, the sons of Rhonin and Vereesa Windrunner. But it’s generally not terribly common in WoW but it does happen.



Before WoW, what did you do with your spare time?

Me?  I played GameCube (remember, 2004-2005), built a large DVD collection, including three full shelves of anime, and went into AOL chat rooms.  Now, I’ve sold my GameCube (have a PS4), reduced my DVD collection and replaced it with Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions, and haven’t been in a chat room since I deleted mIRC from my old Pentium 4 computer.

I did the same stuff I do now. I played video games (a lot of Bioware stuff — back then it was Baldur’s Gate series stuff and Neverwinter Nights — and tons of Black Isle, and of course I was a big fan of stuff like the Lucasarts games), read and collected RPG’s I’d never get to play like Unknown Armies, Brave New World, Nexus: The Infinite City, and Torg, as well as books. WoW supplements my leisure time, but it doesn’t replace all of it.

Also, I watch a lot of MST3k and even some internet review stuff. It’s a mixed bag, really.

Okay, that was the Queue for today. Alex is back up tomorrow and I’ll be around Friday, so see you then.

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