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Breakfast TopicApr 30, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: World at war

Imagine: The Horde and Alliance have fallen apart. Azeroth breaks down into a free-for-all. Dwarves are fighting Gnomes. Orcs are brawling with the Tauren. Night Elves versus Gilneans. It’s a bloodbath out there. Who do you think comes out on top? Which faction leader becomes ruler of the world?

I won’t lie, I immediately peg Sylvanas and the Forsaken as the winners. I don’t even play Forsaken, but the outcome seems obvious. Of all the current faction leaders, she’s the only one completely without decent morals. Sylvanas probably already has a plan for killing everyone else — and raising them as new Forsaken. Sylvanas cares less for mercy than even the Lich King did. In a world at war, it’s already over: Sylvanas wins. We might as well start digging our own graves so Sylvanas can pull us out of them later.

What do you think? Who comes out on top?

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