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Overwatch 2Jun 6, 2016 3:00 pm CT

How to win in Overwatch’s Assault and Escort hybrid mode

As you can guess, Overwatch‘s hybrid maps consist of elements from both Assault and Escort objectives. Attackers must first capture one objective before the payload becomes available. Once it’s active, the payload has to be escorted to the final point in order for them to win. Defenders can win if they hold the first point for a pre-determined amount of time, or are able to successfully prevent the attackers from escorting the payload to the last destination.

Like Assault, capturing points involves players having to stand within designated areas to move the progress bar, which is visible at the top of the screen. Two smaller notches on the bottom half of the circular bar function as checkpoints in the event your team gets wiped. If the progress meter manages to reach the notch, that acts as a check point, so that the bar doesn’t start from the beginning again. The Assault and Escort hybrid maps are King’s Row, Numbani, and Hollywood.

General tips

  • Fight on the point.
  • Don’t go in solo, push as a team.
  • Synchronize your ults for maximum impact to capture the point.
  • Symmetra is a huge asset for defenders trying to hold on to the first capture point (even after her changes).
  • The payload heals you (or at least, the attackers).


King’s Row

Does King’s Row look familiar? It was the site of the Omnic assassination in the Overwatch short, Alive. The Omnics helped build the city to what it is today, but the English government never recognized their rights. Human-Omnic tensions here are extraordinarily high. Attackers are charged with escorting an EMP device into the heart of the Omnics area in order to inflict maximum damage.

Incidentally, Junkrat and Roadhog visited this city during their global crime spree.

First capture point

  • Offense: The first chokepoint can be hard to breach because it’s easily defended with one entry point. Try going up and over the walls.
  • One Widowmaker up high in the clock tower can get a pick off from the attacker’s spawn. No one seems to look up there often.
  • There are a few hiding spots for a Bastion to set up shop and drill through anyone that manages to make it pass the gate. Try to setup around corners with sightlines towards the capture point.
  • I switch to Symmetra during this half on defense to set up turrets in the theater. It usually punishes anyone that tries to go in that way, and it means the team can focus on anyone that attempts to come through the main gate. Alternatively, you can set up a cluster of Symmetra turrets in the building with the low health pack that’s just beside the gate.


Second capture point

  • Once the first point has been captured, attackers will be escorting the EMP to the Omnic base. Watch the alleyways and don’t chase around too much. Defenders have a long respawn path to take to get to the payload as it slowly moves through the streets.
  • Any ultimate abilities should be preserved to ensure it reaches the first check point before it enters the Omnic base.
  • I’ve never played a game on defense where we’ve been able to hold and prevent the payload from reaching the first check point. The best strategy I’ve found is to just eat up as much time as possible and burn the clock. Keep one guy up on the ledges or in the windows to put them off balance.
  • Common defenses include turrets on either side of the spawn angling towards the payload path.



The African map of Numbani seems to love Lucio with all of his posters everywhere! Attackers appear to be escorting a Doomfist gauntlet through the streets. This is one of the cities in the Overwatch universe where Humans and Omnics live in peace — at least, for now. Might Doomfist itself one day become a playable hero?

First capture point

  • The main routes leading up to the first capture point are either the large road, or the narrow path through a building on the side. You can enter the building from the ground, or take the stairs in the back and enter it through a second floor for additional flanking options. There’s also a rarely used bypass route which takes you along an outside route that most players don’t seem to know about or use.
  • Mei is incredibly annoying on this map due to some of the narrow passages.
  • I recommend setting up turrets and other defenses along the inside route to serve as an early warning against anyone that tries to get in that way. Keep a defender or two up high on the ledge overlooking the point, like Widowmaker.
  • Symmetra’s teleporter can be placed inside the Aetria building due to its easily defensible position.


Second capture point

  • The final escort point can be one of the hardest areas to take. It almost always involves a main force of players moving alongside the payload with one or two flankers approaching from the side and applying pressure that way.
  • Widowmaker and Hanzo have a nice perch on either of the side hallways from their spawn where they can be difficult to see, making excellent defensive positions.
  • Consider using multiple tanks to try to bully and outlast the defenders as you’re escorting the payload in.



Home to Goldshire Studios, players will be escorting famed Omnic director Hal-Fred Glitchbot from Goldshire Way throughout the studio sets of Hollywood Boulevard.

First capture point

  • Many of the engagements will occur under the main archway, and the little security room through the side. Placing Symmetra turrets around that area, combined with another player who can distract and draw fire for the turrets to work, will often shred anyone that tries to go through while the rest of your team holds the main archway.
  • Defending Symmetras typically place teleporters at that area behind the dumpsters where attackers will spawn after they take the first capture point. Great spot and easily defendable.
  • Bastion or Torbjorn turrets on the lift going up to the water tower is another regular occurrence, and can be difficult to take out. Widowmaker up there works too.


Second capture point

  • The last destination point can be a pain to take, but there are multiple entrances and angles to breach from. Attackers can take the stairs from within the studio to loop around and harass the defenders from the side. There are also smaller entryways on either side of the big doors that the payload has to move through.
  • Defense has multiple flanking options, like the aforementioned ledge that connects to the second security room where they can harass and drop some serious justice from above.
  • A well played Mei can also beast it up at the final capture point due to the narrow and limited entrances.


Recommended characters

  • Hanzo I like Hanzo in these modes since his ultimate can be fired downlane at a payload or a natural choke point to scatter attackers or defenders. Plus, it’s nice to just aim somewhere no one is standing in and somehow get a kill.
  • Lucio His healing aura comes in handy for attackers as they’re escorting the payload through the map. Players are typically grouped up around it anyway.
  • Junkrat If defense is hunkered down in a difficult to reach position, just keep lobbing grenades until they either move or get neutralized. Riptire can also make short work of “fortress” compositions, like Reinhardt, Bastion, and Mercy.
  • Widowmaker She’s kind of a staple in these kinds of maps. Although the payload outline is visible to everyone, the safety of an Infra-Sight at the right times means you get a better idea of where players are hiding or attacking from.
  • Reinhardt Reinhardt provides your team with mobile cover as they’re pushing the payload. Speaking of which, escort the payload from behind so that the payload itself can absorb some of the shots coming your way instead of it impacting your shield. I’ve seen some Reinhardt players lead from the front, and unless you’re protecting a Torbjorn turret or Bastion on top of the payload, it’s just extra unnecessary damage.
  • Symmetra As with other Assault maps, defenders will want one Symmetra for her Teleporters. Once the first capture point gets taken, it’s usually best to switch off to a different hero.

It’s tough to recommend heroes for both phases because certain heroes work better during the escort portion compared to the assault portion, and vice versa. Ultimately though, pick the hero that you feel the most comfortable with. There isn’t usually a wrong answer, and you have to adapt to your opponents anyway.

Again, like the other modes, clock management is important. It takes only three players to move the payload at maximum speed, so try to stay near it if there isn’t already three players on it.

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