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The QueueJul 12, 2016 11:00 am CT


It never fails, as soon as I get my Hunter to 100 and start farming for transmog gear, I see nothing mail drop. Plate? Oodles of it. Cloth? Swimming in it. Leather? Everywhere I look, man. But there’s nary a mail drop in the six raids and twelve dungeons I ran looking for the stuff. It’s irksome, I tell you.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk about Blizzard games.


So when is 7.0? This week or next? Or later than that?

I’m sticking by my estimate of the 19th until that day comes and proves me right or wrong.


Q4TQ: Are there any must-have artifact appearances that you want to get to be able to use past Legion? So far the look I most want to survive the xpac is the “Read all about your artifact” Autumn Kitty.

I really like Strom’kar’s Ulduar looking skin.


That skin looks extremely Titan designed to me and I really dig it. I’d like to get it as soon as possible so I can use it all the time, although I know I’ll end up using Ashkandi more. C’mon, it’s me. I like Ashkandi, it’s been established. But I definitely like that skin a ton.


QfortheQ Will flying in Draenor be easier to get once Legion drops?

Not to my knowledge.


Q4tQ:  Recent discussion on Elune got me thinking about Azeroth’s two moons.  The larger of the two, Elune/The White Lady, seems to have the larger role in Azeroth’s lore and history.  I’m curious about the smaller moon, Blue Child.  Is there a form of god/goddess associated with this moon?  Can you see Blue Child taking on a more active role at some point?

There’s not a lot on The Blue Child, but oddly enough, because of a graphical glitch back in The Burning Crusade the moon disappeared from the skies of Azeroth up until Mists of Pandaria. (To put it in perspective, that’s from 2007 to 2012. So five freaking years.) As a result, in game the Tauren came up with a theory that the Blue Child was sent off by The Earthmother to go explore the cosmos and report back to her about what it had seen.

Every few hundred years the two moons enter into The Embrace,  a period of perfect celestial alignment — perhaps that time is soon to come again?

There’s no specific god or goddess associated with The Blue Child that I know of, not in the way An’she is associated with Azeroth’s sun or Elune the larger moon.


QUESTION – About crafted stuff (gear/weapon) and wardrobe!!! I think I read something alike about tier gear but I don’t know if it’s the same for crafted stuff.

If I craft a piece of Warlords gear (which has three different looks depending on ilevel), and I soul bond the first “tier”, I got only that look? Right?

To have all the looks, I can safely upgrade it that one piece, or I need to have three different pieces with different ilevels???

Unless the three ‘tiers’ of the crafted item have exactly the same appearance, then yes, you will have to upgrade the piece to unlock all three appearances. Different colors count as a separate appearance, so if you have the Battlegear of Wrath shoulders from Vanilla, you still need to get the BC era lookalike pieces if you want Green Wrath. It’s the same for crafted. And yes, it’s safe to upgrade a piece once you’ve unlocked its original appearance.

The only time an appearance is taken out of your collection is when you buy a piece from a vendor and then sell it back within the two hour complete refund window. Once that window passes you can feel free to sell it. If you don’t care about the money, you can destroy the piece instead and get the appearance saved. Your crafted pieces shouldn’t have this issue.


Ok something weird just happened. I logged in and went to my garrison table to see if the quests i set up before work were a success and when one of them succeeded I heard an old god voice say something like ‘looking for you’. Has anyone else had this happen to them, I checked my add on’s and the one’s ive got active are mog it, DBM, recount, TRP, Myroleplay and quest completist, nothing that I’m aware of that would add sounds like that just for doing garrison stuff. Has anyone else have this happen?


Ha. I kid. Because it’s a little weird, and it’s not like I think anyone is actually


or anything like that. Seriously can anyone help Gadeon out?

Some addons do have pranks encoded into them — I remember the ElvUI one, and there have been others like MasterPlan, but usually those are on April Fool’s day — I haven’t heard of any that would do this randomly in the middle of July. If anyone has information please leave it in the comments, I’m sure Gadeon would be relieved.





Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see you guys Friday. If you wanted to head over to that sidebar and buy a fella’s book, I would be grateful. It’s looking for you.

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