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Today we have our sights on just one thing: a mega Queue. So in today’s Queue, Mitch and I answer seven questions, including Jay’s regular Two Bosses Enter submission and a segue into Hamilton. (If you follow me on Twitter, you know just how dangerous the latter can be.)

So let’s get to it, shall we? Today’s going to be so mega.


Stop doing invasions!!!!

Can’t you see what’s happening?!

The Burning Legion’s minions and bosses are killing us over and over…

They’re grinding XP by killing us!  They’re trying to hit 110 before we even can!!

And we happily let them, because we can get a bit of XP for ourselves.

Can you see it?
[It All Makes Sense Now]
We are allying ourselves with the Burning Legion already. They’ve won, we just haven’t accepted it yet!


Mitch: Perhaps there are dissenters in the Legion thinking the exact same thing, hmm? Maybe it’s all one big metaphor. After all, wasn’t Mists of Pandaria about the cycle of violence and putting an end to it? And yet, here we are again, caught in that same cycle — except now, it’s gotten grander. Horde fighting Alliance; Horde and Alliance fighting the Legion; the Legion fighting the Void. It never ends. It won’t end. We haven’t learned a thing.

Liz: Is this a Shadow Priest thing?

Mitch: Is what?

Liz: You embrace the void; should we be fighting you?!

Mitch: This was actually something briefly joked about on Lore Watch when I guest appeared lol. Demon Hunters are theoretically fighting the Void. Which makes my choice of Shadow Priest/Demon Hunter mains simultaneously very evil and very conflicted.

Liz: That does seem to sum you up.

Mitch: :D



Which of the legion leveling zones do you think will be the most sparsely populated with levelers on launch night? Which will be most popular?

Mitch: Bit of a catch-22, isn’t this question? If we say “Go to X zone, it’ll be empty!” then everyone will go there and it won’t be empty. If we say to avoid a certain zone because it’ll be crowded, people will avoid it and leave it empty. That all said, Stormheim is the only one that involves a scenario. The others are relatively straightforward “fly to here and start doing stuff” zones, with Azsuna being the closest zone to Dalaran. I think Highmountain’s quests are fairly spread out, both in terms of location and elevation, though. Take that info as you will… we’ve never had a launch like this, so it’s hard to say how people will pick their first zone.

Liz: I’m not answering this one. Except everyone should go to Stormheim and get stuck in that dumb scenario so I can level peacefully somewhere else.

Mitch: Yeah, I am worried that the scenario will mess things up… but on the other hand, it might not hurt to get it out of the way. DDOS attacks hit a few hours after launch last time. If that happens again, I’d rather have the scenario already done.

Liz: But I imagine having all of these zones to choose from means none will be as crowded as we’ve seen in the past… I hope, anyway.


What’s your opinion on this week’s lead up quests?  It felt short and almost like it was originally meant to be played through on legion launch night when we can see the final cinematic.  Or do you think we’ll get a surprise final quest later in the week?

Mitch: Even if that was the original intent, I’m fine with how they’ve played out. I want to jump into the Broken Isles when Legion launches, not do all this introductory stuff. As for a surprise quest… I highly doubt it. Blizz had a specific “launch night” test on the beta and it started with Dalaran being teleported. They likely wouldn’t throw testing away for the sake of a surprise (which could be risky in and of itself).

Liz: I’m pretty sure this is the end of the chain until the expansion. In the beta you had all of this at once which was a lot of quest. It’s better broken up, in my opinion, but the way they broke it up is a bit lopsided. There just wasn’t much for this week.


Quick Q4tQ: Is the Holy paladin artifact off-hander (Tome of the Silver Hand) transmoggable? I’ve read that it doesn’t actually function as a shield or off-hander animation-wise but just sits on your character’s hip. The Skull of the Man’ari is the only artifact which I know for sure is not transmoggable due to the unique animations used in several demo warlock spells, so I’m wondering if the same applies to the Tome.

Liz: Sorry to say, but the Holy Paladin Artifact is presently a single item, the two-handed mace The Silver Hand. There’s no off-hand item, but when you equip the mace, a book shows up at your hip. It’s just a cosmetic part of the artifact. You can transmog your Silver Hand into whatever you’d like with the usual transmog restrictions — which, unfortunately, means you cannot transmog it into a one-hand and off-hand. Holydins are going shield-less for Legion. Also note Artifacts that are actually two items can each be transmogged individually, but the Holy Paladin Artifact is a single item.

Mitch: Liz answered this well, but it did inspire a conversation about the Warlock Artifact. And to be clear, the Demonology Artifact off-hand cannot be transmogged, but the dagger that it automatically gives you can be. This is because (according to Alex), spells revolve around the floating skull, and removing that by transmogging over your Artifact would screw things up.


Question regarding

“Dawn of the Aspects” is listed as paperback, with no other options but I found this link for a Kindle version

I really want to support BW but a paperback version price goes incredibly high once it reaches my country (think of a US$10 book ending up being US$30), not to mention the about a month delay, so I finally got the five Kindle versions, and I’m already reading the first one (very good so far) but I got the movie with your link!

So, do you have sponsored links for some of the other books with Kindle versions?

Liz: This is actually a little more complicated than it might seem, because the availability of books on Kindle comes and goes. I own a number of Warcraft books on Kindle that Amazon no longer sells. On top of that, Blizzard books go out of print (a number of the older books are being re-released as new editions, but until then can only be bought used) and some are also available in bundles (like the Dawn of the Aspects paperback in the lore guide). We try to use the most convenient links we can find for each (i.e. linking the bundled Aspects paperback instead of each of the five books), but we don’t know when Kindle versions vanish or things go out of print. It’s probably a bit beyond us to keep up with it for every Warcraft book.

But I have a solution! You can buy anything you like on Amazon and support us using this Amazon link if you wish. You’re of course never obligated to support us, but we appreciate it when you do. You can also just add the “?tag=blizwatc-20” to the end of most Amazon links, so they would look like this link for Chronicle:


Q4tLiz: Which Hamilton song best sums up your WoW character?

🎶So there will be a revolution in this century
Enter me!
(She says in parentheses)
Don’t be shocked when your hist’ry book mentions me
I will lay down my life if it sets us free
Eventually, you’ll see my ascendancy🎶

Mitch: I fear what’s about to happen but… I still haven’t listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, so I can’t answer this. So I’ll just say that I really love “My Eyes” from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog (NPH’s lyrical half, of course). And honestly, that song works pretty well for a Shadow Priest.

Liz: Sigh, Mitch. Go listen!

Mitch: Hm. Shot. Good song, not what I expected. IGN 6.5/10

Liz: /unfriend

Mitch: Seriously, though, two things. Lin-Manuel looks way more David Schwimmer than I expected [Liz’s note: that was after I linked him this video] and also Hamilton is more rap-ish than I expected. Like, by a lot.

Liz: Here’s the cast performing at the Tony awards if you want the full effect.

Mitch: Damn, this is cool.

Liz: Okay, we can still be friends I guess.

Mitch: :D


Two Bosses Enter: Kanrethad Ebonlocke (Green Fire Warlock / Demon) vs illidan Stormrage

Liz: I’m going to have to Google Kanrethad. Or just say that Illidan wins.

Mitch: It’s actually a really good one. I don’t have a default winner this time.  It’s hard to really say Illidan couldn’t take on anything because he’s freaking Illidan…. but I think Kanrethad is pretty damn strong and might actually have a chance. He went full-on demon mode and wasn’t afraid of the consequences, plus he commanded several demons, including a Pit Lord. It would definitely be a tough fight, and I could see either one winning. But I’m gonna say Kanrethad because I think he’s awesome.

Liz: Sylvanas wins.

Mitch: Okay, well, THAT is always a default.

And once again, that wraps up today’s Queue. For those of you who hate the idea of a mega Queue, we promise to try to be more terse next week. Admittedly, we aren’t very good at it, but it’s the thought that counts, right? We hope so. As always, please leave your questions for Rossi in the comments!

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