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Legion hotfixes for August 30

World of Warcraft hotfixes

A new round of hotfixes have arrived, hot on the heels of Legion’s incredibly smooth launch. The list is surprisingly much shorter than expected, primarily focused on quests this time around. Players that have begun the post-Broken Shore event quests but not completed them should now be eligible to receive the quest In the Blink of an Eye. In Stormheim, players can now bind their hearthstones and rest at both the Skyfire Triage Camp and Forsaken Foothold. Speaking of Stormheim, both Greymane’s Gambit and The Splintered Fleet should now reliably credit players for completing the scenarios. Read on for the full list of hotfixes.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

August 30



  • Corrected an issue that prevented Assassination Rogues from queuing for Legion dungeons even after obtaining their Artifact.


  • Rhonin’s Assaulting Armwraps will now activate only once per cast of Arcane Missiles. Proc rate and buff duration have been adjusted to compensate.
  • Sephuz’s Secret should now be activated by Grimoire: Felguard’s Axe Toss.


  • Legion players who had begun the post-Broken Shore event quests, but not completed them, should now be eligible to receive “In the Blink of an Eye”.


  • The Living Flames summoned by Felsoul Crushers now give appropriate levels of experience during “The Hunt”.
  • Players should now properly receive credit for traveling to the Emerald Dreamway during “Cleansing the Mother Tree” when using the Dreamwalk ability.
  • Stormweaver Ingrida should no longer sometimes evade during “Stolen Thunder”.


  • The Weapon Racks on Torok’s Bluff can now be interacted with after their first use during the Bonus Objective “Vengeance for the Stonedark”.
  • Credit for enemies defeated during the quest “Huln’s War – Reinforcements” should now be shared among all nearby players.


  • Dread-Rider Malwick should respawn more readily, allowing for completion of “Assault and Battery”.
  • Players who are ready to turn in the quest “The Splintered Fleet” can now always see Dread-Rider Cullen. If she has just flown away, she will re-appear within a few minutes.
  • Players who abandon the quest “Dances with Ravenbears” should no longer retain the quest ability bar.
  • “Greymane’s Gambit” now reliably credits the player for completing the scenario.
  • “The Splintered Fleet” now reliably credits the player for completing the scenario.
  • The Skyfire Propeller should no longer become untouchable during “Signal Boost”.


  • Pollous the Fetid is now always roaming around Dreadroot in Val’sharah and defeatable, allowing “Purging the River” to be completed.
  • Players who are in a group and arrive late for the final kill in “The Fate of Val’sharah” should receive credit and be able to proceed.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the “Defend The Temple” Bonus Objective in Val’sharah.


  • Players can now rest and bind their hearthstone in the Forsaken Foothold and Skyfire Triage Camp areas in Stormheim.

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