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Roleplay > WoWSep 10, 2016 2:00 pm CT

Role Play: Alliance roleplay in Legion

Now that Legion is out, it’s pretty clear that the Alliance have a lot to think about while combing the Broken Isles. Obviously the Burning Legion has returned, and Azeroth itself is in danger. That’s going to be a big concern to any roleplayer, whether Alliance or Horde.

But for Alliance roleplay, it isn’t just about the Burning Legion right now, nor is it all about finding the Pillars of Creation. With all that’s happened, Alliance characters have a lot to think about – and that means plenty of roleplay opportunities to be had.

Please note: Today’s column contains some Legion spoilers.

Loss of a leader

First and foremost in anyone’s mind is the death of King Varian Wrynn. Whether your character liked him or not, he was the man that unified the Alliance and gave it strength. He was also one of the last two leaders from the original Alliance of Lordaeron. Only Genn Greymane is left now – and he seems fixated on vengeance.

Maybe your character is, too. After all, your character was likely right there at the Broken Shore. Your character presumably witnessed what happened, how the Horde turned away and left the Alliance to fend for themselves. How does your character feel about that? Do they believe what they saw, or do they wonder if there was more going on than how the situation appeared to play out?

Is your character, much like Greymane, consumed with vengeance? Or are they more concerned with the Burning Legion? Do they think the Alliance and Horde can actually work together, or have they determined that an alliance between the two factions can never happen?

Son of the Wolf

A new leader

In Varian’s place, Prince Anduin Wrynn has become the new King. But he’s not the same as his father – if your character spent any time in Pandaria, they saw what kind of man the Prince was growing up to be. And maybe they’re fine with the idea of Anduin leading – or maybe they’re questioning whether or not he’s fit to lead.

For Human roleplayers, Anduin’s age shouldn’t really make a difference. After all, Varian became King at roughly the same age, so it’s not impossible for Anduin to be a good King. For other races, particularly the long-lived variety like Draenei or Night Elves, it’s a little different. Anduin isn’t just young; he’s very young in the scope of a race that typically lives thousands of years.

How does your character feel about Anduin as a leader? Do they think he’s fit to lead, given everything he’s experienced in his relatively young life? Or are they looking more closely at their own racial leaders for guidance?


Khadgar and the Burning Legion

Obviously beyond all of that, the Burning Legion is still a major threat, one that likely weighs heavily on the mind of any adventurer. Khadgar’s been pretty clear about the things that need to happen in order to bring about the Legion’s downfall. At the same time, the Legion has shown that they are essentially eternal. They can’t be killed, no matter how hard they’re put down.

But Khadgar is remarkably persistent about having the Alliance and the Horde work together. He’s essentially taken over the Kirin Tor, and allowed the Horde in Dalaran again. This was against the protests of Jaina Proudmoore – an event your character likely witnessed in person. How does your character feel about Khadgar?

Do they think the old man is right, that unification is a necessity? Or do they think that maybe he’s gone a little mad? Is your character fine with a temporary, forced co-existence with the Horde, or are they angry about the Horde presence in Dalaran? Do they think the Horde is needed to defeat the Legion, or do they believe the task could simply be accomplished by the Alliance alone?

Emerald Nightmare raid

The Nightmare and Azeroth

There are other events piling up left and right to consider as well. In Val’Sharah, the Emerald Dream is being plagued once more by the Nightmare. Your character may or may not be familiar with the threat – the original confrontation played out the in novel Stormrage, rather than in-game. If you’re playing a Night Elf, this may hold considerably more significance to you than it would to other characters.

On top of that are the reveals about Azeroth itself. King Magni’s return and the secrets he revealed in Ulduar carry all kinds of astonishing implications. Azeroth isn’t just the world you live on; it’s far larger than that. How does your character feel about these revelations? Do they want to learn more about Azeroth and its origins? Does this change their approach to the Burning Legion at all?

Is your character curious about the implications of the Nightmare? Does the Nightmare affect them at all, are their dreams plagued with dark thoughts? Are they curious about Azeroth’s origins, do they want to learn more? Or are they the type of fighter that just wants to be pointed at a battle, letting others do the heavy thinking?


Artifacts and Pillars of Creation

Our characters have been entrusted with weapons of great power. And now, they’ve been sent to retrieve objects of even greater power. All of this is in the name of defeating the Burning Legion…but how does your character feel about being entrusted with this kind of responsibility? What do they think of the weapon they’ve been given? What have they learned about their chosen class?

Is your character dead-set on bringing back the Pillars whole and intact? Or are they diverted by the possibility that even greater power may exist on the Broken Isles? After all, the place was the home of Highborne civilization, at one point in time. Surely powerful artifacts are as common as leaves on the ground, right?

Is your character focused on the battle with the Burning Legion, determined to bring the Legion to an end? Are they delighted with the opportunity for more heroics? Are they frightened of the Legion, or the Horde? Do they simply deal with the idea of fighting in the here and now, or are they worried for what comes after all of the fighting is over?

The Burning Legion looms over the Broken Isles, casting a darkened shadow over whatever delights your character happens to experience. But for the Alliance, the idea of fighting back isn’t something new – it’s something they’ve dealt with every day, from the War of the Ancients all the way to the First War and beyond. Although the Alliance is certain to present a united front on the battlefield, your character’s place in that battle is entirely up to you.

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