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Breakfast Topic > WoWSep 13, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Has Legion ended alts?

I really like playing alts. I had 6 at max level plus my main by the end of Warlords of Draenor. Part of that was due to the lack of anything else interesting to do in the game leading up to Legion. Part of it due to my interest in seeing how other classes experience content. And part of it due to how quickly you could level alts in the pre-Legion demon invasion event.

So, of course, I figured I would be leveling many of these fun classes once Legion launched. But now that I see what’s involved in leveling and keeping current just one character, I’m rethinking that strategy big time.

It’s not just a matter of chain running dungeons for experience in heirloom gear to max level anymore. Now there’s artifacts to acquire, artifact power to farm, faction across five zones to raise to unlock world quests, class hall campaigns to run, profession quests chains to grind through, etc.

All this is amazing for your main character. The endless amount of things to do to get to 110 and beyond makes me very happy, except I’m going to have to scale back my alt plans in a very big way since many of these activities are mandatory for progression through the expansion.

So I’m going to stick with my Monk and Druid for now and maybe next summer or whenever I really run out of things to do I’ll get back around to my Shaman, Hunter, Priest, Mage, or Demon Hunter. I also wanted to finish leveling up my Rogue, Warlock, Paladin, and Warrior to experience their class halls as well before I realized what was really involved so we’ll see about that.

Now that you’ve dug into Legion, has it changed your alt progression plans as well?

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