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The QueueSep 16, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Guys, I am so tired right now

Like, not this entire week. Two hours a night if I’m lucky.

So, yeah. Guys, I’ll do my best to answer your questions, but I’m really tired. I apologize if I start answering questions as Sargeras or whatever.


QFTQ: How do you feel about the new class titles you get for completing the campaign? I LOVE the Archdruid title, but am lukewarm at best about the ‘Slayer’ title.

I like Battlelord. I mean, Warlord might have been better, but then everyone who hated Warlords would have complained, and besides that, I like the idea that it’s the actual act of battle that we’re lords of. Deathlord is sorta there, you know? Okay, I guess it fits. Doesn’t make me feel much one way or another. That’s pretty much the only two titles I even think much about.


I just dinged 108, and I have two followers (Champions?) in my class hall, Stormcaller Myrla and Duke Hydraxis (plus the Work order ones).  Am I supposed to have more than that?  Do I have to be specced Restoration to have Farseer Nobundo, for instance, or something?  I have the other two artifacts but I haven’t been putting any artifact power into them so far (I think I did the first trait on Doomhammer).  I’m just worried I’m missing something that I’m supposed to be doing.  I tried to find a guide and just found one for missions.

I had this exact problem on my DK – turned out I was missing a quest in my class order hall (it was right there on Mograine, I just didn’t see it for whatever reason) and had to get a late jump on my champions. You can get them caught up pretty easily, though. So just go back through your quest log and make sure you haven’t forgotten to do any quests to move the story forward.


Q4tQ: Does a Champion leave your Lodge when you send it on a mission like your followers used to do in Draenor’s Garrison? Because I sent Emmarel Shadewarden to a mission and now that I needed her to start my 3rd artifact quest, she’s nowhere to be seen. Also my Class Hall questline is on the part that I have to run a Mythic Eye of Azshara for Kalecgos if that helps anyway.

I don’t know jack about lodges because I’m not playing my hunter at the moment. For my Warrior, it definitely seems like they’re not there when I send them on missions – Hymdall is definitely not hanging around Odyn right now, for instance.


Research into artifact weapons getting interesting, lore-wise, some of them have deep long history, i wish for a Lorewatch episode about these artifacts.

Email us at [email protected] and put Lorewatch in the subject line. That’s the easiest way to ensure I don’t accidentally put the email into the Blizzard Watch podcast instead.

And I really encourage y’all to send in emails suggesting topics you want discussed. We’re very interested in what you guys want to hear about.


Is anybody else like me in preferring the smaller, simpler mounts? I have a good collection of big dragon mounts, and I have mammoths, but … I just don’t like using them. I’ll summon my mammoth to use the vendors, but when I’m ready to actually ride I’ll summon my horse. Big dragon mounts … don’t like them. They’re fine for flying, but I can never land with any precision.

And the “fancy” mounts like wind serpents … hate ’em. I hate the way they handle. My camera always ends up somewhere below them while I’m flying on them, and I don’t know why. That doesn’t happen with other flyers, not even the dragons. I also have Ashes of A’lar, but never use it. It’s small, but I hate all those colored streamers in my face. If I could turn those off, I’d use it.

I only use big ground mounts with my tauren, because they just look silly on small mounts.

I’m similar in that I use certain mounts for certain characters. My Humn tends to ride horses because that’s what Humans do, but he also sometimes rides a wolf mount just because he likes to imagine it would annoy an Orc. Similarly he rides his bone pony (bony?) from Stratholme when he’s around Forsaken.

My Draenei ride Elekks. That’s just the way it works.

My Night Elves tend to ride cats, again, cause that’s what they do, although my Nelf Warrior’s favorite mount is a Hawkstrider. She got it off of Kael’thas and thinks of it as a friend.

Generally I only ride the really big mounts on my Draenei or my Orc lady. She rides a lot of Wolves and Kodo, and sometimes she rides the Grand Expedition Yak just because.


Am I missing something, or is the Mage Order Hall quest line kind of unfair compared to all the others? I did my first “do 5 important follower missions” thing at like…102, I think? Then shortly after that, unlike the other classes I’ve tried, nothing more at all until I hit 110.

I get that Mage stuff being in Suramar makes sense, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to use phasing or scenarios to let that part be done at a lower level, rather than making the campaign come to a screeching halt for several levels and making me feel like I’m behind other classes? Only at this point am I getting my second set of 5 time sink follower missions, ones that other classes were able to do during the latter half of their leveling.

The Warrior one is so much longer than others that Blizzard actually had to admit it and promise to fix it. So I feel like the Mage one is reasonable in comparison.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see you guys next week — Anne is up for the weekend, ask her lots of questions please.

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