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The QueueSep 23, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Death Knights are fun

Now, I love my Arms Warrior, and my Fury Warrior, and the Prot Warrior I’m leveling. They’re all awesome. But I’m also leveling my DK tank for the WoW Leveling Stream, and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s a Blood DK — I’ve tanked a few dungeons and that’s been cool, and I generally enjoy the class/spec a lot. I even went and picked up the other two Artifacts in my Blood spec and frankly it was a cakewalk, I recommend doing them as Blood. Super easy.

What? I can say positive things about other classes.

Anyway, here’s the Queue. Let us talk about things.


Q4tQ: How did you decide what spec to play in a class? I remember when talent trees were a thing, and I always chose my class spec based on the final talent option. Rather than what did the most damage, I wanted the one that looked the most fun. Arms warriors were the only ones with Bladestorm, and of course the frost mage got the elemental on the last tier. Fast forward to Legion, and I still play fun specs over what does the most damage.

Well, this is a somewhat complicated answer, so I’ll try and break it down by the classes I actually play.

Warriors — I just play all the specs. That’s why I have so many Warriors.

Paladins — I play Retribution because it’s the only spec that suits what I think Paladins should be, based on my years of playing Pallies in D&D games. (Man, I could bore your head off talking about my character Randall, the alcoholic lech of a Paladin who nonetheless always upheld law and goodness — he just chased a lot of men and women around with salaciously inebriated pickup lines while doing it.)

Hunters – Beast Mastery because I like my Devilsaur pet. Before that, Beast Mastery because I liked my wolf pet. I’ll likely play Survival once I get back to her.

Death Knights — I want to tank on my DK, so I play Blood. Back in Wrath I tanked as Frost but I find it almost unrecognizable now, so I stick to Blood.

Shamans — I liked to dual wield and use fist weapons, so I played Enhancement a lot. Now I’ll likely stay Resto all expansion.


I’m still trying to figure out why the most awesome heroes on Azeroth need a bodyguard. Politicians need bodyguards, royalty need bodyguards… Badass demon-slaying world-saving artifact-wielding heroes don’t need bodyguards.

Because if even Alexandros Mograine could get taken down by enough undead… if even Varian Wrynn, after killing a Fel Reaver single handedly, could get taken down by a couple of spears in the back… if Tirion and Vol’jin could end up taking dirt naps, if Maraad could get taken out on a boat on an alternate world, then I think we’ve established that even the greatest heroes on Azeroth are vulnerable to sufficient force.

The way I look at it, I’m learning from what happened to them.

Plus, sometimes I use a combat ally just because it’s fun, not because I need them for anything. My DK is riding around with Koltira right now and I imagine she’s flirting shamelessly with him.


A friend of mine was complaining that it was a complete retcon of how Tichondrius was defeated, though, said it was Illidan, not Huln.  I responded by saying I think the two defeats were at different times or something but I wasn’t entirely sure.  I guess that can be a question for Anne or Rossi to answer!

Huln fought Tichondrius during the War of the Ancients, some 10,000 years before Illidan fought him in Felwood. It’s not a retcon. It’s simply two different fights vastly separated in time. It’s like arguing that us beating Illidan in The Burning Crusade retcons Arthas beating him in front of the Frozen Throne.

There’s no conflict here. Huln can go on being the Tauren Thrall.


Not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet, but my favorite little class hall thing so far is Wavespeaker Adellee teaching a Sea Giant how to do the female pandaren dance. It’s pretty cute.

Mine is still taking Strom’kar into Throne of Thunder and watching all of the Troll NPC’s run away in terror because the sword has murdered so many Trolls that they’re all inherently terrified of it. It makes me want to roll a Troll Arms Warrior so freaking badly.


QftQ: Do we need to feel more powerful when we leave an expansion?

Lore-wise, I think Hogger could kick my character’s butt. He’s not just some gnoll, who look vicious to begin with, but a bad ass gnoll. It’s not like I expect my character to ever be able to one punch Deathwing.

I think it’s important that we become more powerful in our current expansions. You get knocked down, but you get up again. There’s nothing I hate more than mobs being too easy to kill.

This is Warcraft, not Dragonball Z. Our power levels are roughly the same as they were in vanilla. >.>

I killed C’thun at level 60.

It’s been a very long time since Hogger could do anything to me.

To me, character level is just a mechanic — I don’t assume that my character is more powerful simply because of that. I assume it because of my deeds. I’ve taken on Old Gods, the Titan Watchers and the Constellar Algalon, the Lich King and Deathwing. I led an army into the heart of the Throne of Thunder and the streets of Orgrimmar. I’ve traveled to other worlds.

I’m a powerful being. I could kill Hogger naked. I feel strong now, I’ve felt strong since Molten Core.


Q4tQ: Now that we’ve reached content lull, what do you pretend to do until 7.1 release?

I guess we have different ideas about what a content lull is. To me, we’re not even close to one yet.

I still have a lot to do.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’m in a quiet mood today, so I’ll just leave y’all with a hope for you to have a happy weekend. See you next week.

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