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The Queue: Your friends will explode

Back in the day I raided in AQ 40 when it was the hot new raid and we’d just mastered writing. One of the things that was weird and cool about that raid was, C’thun (the Old God who was the big boss of the raid) would randomly whisper things like Your heart will explode or your friends will abandon you to your raid. Now, my wife Julian used to play in the same room as I did, and as a result often C’thun would whisper to her and then to me within a second or so. As a result, the whispers would get mangled together, and we’d often hear Your heart will abandon you or your friends will explode, which to our mind was both every bit as creepy and also a touch more bizarre as threats go.

Your Heart Will Abandon You sounds like a 70’s country song to me.

Anyway, this is the Queue. My new book is out, if you like weird Lovecraftian monsters making friends explode. Even if you don’t.

The Queue: A Soft Pink World

Okay, so I have no idea how much y’all care about my eye treatments, but one of the side effects of having a laser used to burn away patches of your retina to keep the blood vessels from growing over it (thus blinding you) is that said laser is very powerful. It’s roughly six times as intense as what they use in Lasik. So the immediate result is that everything is intensely purple for about an hour, and then there’s a soft pink glow that can remain for a while longer.

Last Thursday, I went in for my most recent treatments, and the resulting lasers left me seeing a rosy pink glow for three days. Finally faded on Sunday.

This is The Queue. Let’s talk Blizzard games.

The Queue: Death Knights are fun

Now, I love my Arms Warrior, and my Fury Warrior, and the Prot Warrior I’m leveling. They’re all awesome. But I’m also leveling my DK tank for the WoW Leveling Stream, and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s a Blood DK — I’ve tanked a few dungeons and that’s been cool, and I generally enjoy the class/spec a lot. I even went and picked up the other two Artifacts in my Blood spec and frankly it was a cakewalk, I recommend doing them as Blood. Super easy.

What? I can say positive things about other classes.

Anyway, here’s the Queue. Let us talk about things.

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