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The QueueOct 4, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: I am terrified of the new comment system

I don’t like change. Too much has changed already this year and I have no idea what I’m doing with this new comment system and I’m afraid I’ll miss something. So this is my inaugural Queue with the new system and I’m going to have to be afraid of it while I write it.

This is the Queue. I just figured out how to change Disqus to be more like the comments used to be. I feel a little better now. Let’s talk about stuff.


So far I’m enjoying the expansion except for two things. I feel like Professions are extremely difficult to level in this expansion which is killing any desire I have for leveling my alts.
I’m also not happy with how I keep getting both class and profession quests that require me to run a Mythic dungeon without a way for me to que for one.
I play on a fairly low pop server in a very casual guild as a dps. Typically there’s on a few people from my guild on at any given time and every single time I’ve checked the Group Finder every dps slot is already filled.
Just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience or if the majority of the people are finding it easy to level professions and get into Mythics?

I have a Blacksmith/Enchanter.

A Blacksmith/Enchanter.

That guy’s Blacksmithing is going nowhere this expansion. Even now that I’m leveling a Miner, it’s just no way, no how. I won’t be leveling that profession. Just way too many hoops to jump though, too many Mythic dungeons, too much cost on the mats. I may ditch Blacksmithing after twelve years because it’s just impossible for me this time around.

So yeah, I’m having that same experience. Not a fan of professions this time around.


Q4tQ: What do you think would be the best ways to make Legion Alt friendly?

Here are two things I think could really help:
1) Give alt AK a minimum % of your most advanced toon. Example: for every 3 levels of AK from your most progressed toon your alts will have 1 level (if an alt is above the minimum they won’t see a change, and the exact ratio can be played around with for balance).

2) Bring back rep commendations. Seriously what happend to those? They were a great idea in MoP, but Blizzard hasn’t picked them back up.

Also, what happend to being able to “champion” a faction on the rep menu? It was another great idea from MoP that Blizzard just decided to ignore for subsequent expansions.

Neither of those strike me as really horrible ideas, but I’ll be honest — I have two level 110 characters now and another in range of it, and so far I’m not feeling like Legion is as alt-unfriendly as everyone says it is. In fact, it feels pretty solid to me. I got two Warriors to 110 within a week of each other, because it’s actually really easy to get to 110 in Legion and once you do, getting to friendly with the Nightfallen isn’t bad at all.

I won’t deny that I’d like it if my Artifact Knowledge transferred instead of started at zero and I’d really, really love to speed up the rep grinding, but overall, I think this expansion will definitely not be that bad for alts. The real thing stopping me from playing more alts is that I have so much to do on my main, not anything else.


QftQ: On Artifacts

Is anyone else a little disappointed most of the artifacts are the stereotypical ancient weapon from the past that is stronger than anything we can make in the present?

In playing the Frost Death Knight quest there was something epic about forging a new weapon that could become more powerful that arguably one of the strongest blades in fantasy. Or the story of Ashbringer (one of the artifacts that is more recent in creation) with Morgraine going to Mangi Bronzebeard to forge this sword of undead (and now demon) smiting awesomeness.

I think this sticks out more to me as a Warrior I felt a little “meh” that each quest was just go find some ancient weapon. Would not it have been more epic to have to storm the Thunder Forge and forge a new weapon with titan and other races to make a blade even the Legion fears.

I love the Warrior Artifacts. Freaking love them. Strom’kar isn’t just some old sword, it’s the sword that united the ancient Human tribes and forged the Arathor people. I’ve written whole KYL’s about that sword, I think it’s so awesome, it utterly blows the Ashbringer and the Blades of the Fallen Prince right out of the water lore wise.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that some of the Artifacts are new, but heck no, I am never going to be disappointed to go out and get an ancient weapon of unfathomable power. From the first time I got my Sulfuras back in vanilla to now, the idea of getting some long forgotten weapon lost to time and using it now has appealed to me, I think it’s awesome.

So yeah, I guess I disagree with you. I get what you’re saying, but I think we got a good mix of Artifact weapons. I mean, part of me thinks that Warriors should have had six Artifacts, because I think we should have had Horde and Alliance Artifacts, but that’s a minor quibble.


Q4tQ: What’s the best way to learn to tank in WoW?

Context: I tanked for a while in SWTOR (Juggernaut / Guardian) and didn’t totally suck, at least for dungeons and story-mode (what we’d call “normal” here) raids. So I’m familiar with the basic concepts. I got the Protection artifact on my Warrior last night and I’m having decent fun out in the world with him, but really really unsure how and whether to start in a dungeon as a tank because, frankly, I’m not sure I know and use all my mitigations correctly.

Okay, quick and dirty advice for a tanking Warrior first, then general advice for any class:

Use Devastate to fill spaces and trigger Shield Slam to cool down faster. Use Shield Slam and Revenge whenever they’re up. When you have enough rage, first sink it into Ignore Pain, then Shield Block. Only use Focused Rage if you’re swimming in rage or taking very little damage. Thunder Clap in AoE situations, as it and Revenge will be how you hold AoE threat.

Now, as for general advice, the easiest way to learn to tank is to tank. You need to get a feel for how your abilities work and how to properly use them. If you can get a group with some friends, especially a friend who is a healer, you should absolutely go that route. If not, try pugging normal dungeons first. Find your threat abilities and your best routine for mitigation and once you have, you’ll find tanking isn’t painful.


So far I love the expansion. But has anyone else had the issue where your missions in the class hall all require a much higher ilvl then any of your followers? My maxed follower is 835 and all my missions are for 850 to 860

Yes, I have this problem. I’m working on it, but it still feels very annoying when the best possible chance of success I can get on a mission is 37%. The best part is when these Missions reward me with a quest to go run a Mythic dungeon. “Hah, you thought you’d managed to get something? Noooo.”

Okay. That’s the Queue for today. I promise I’ll try not to be so afraid of Disqus by Friday. I mean, I have so many other things to be afraid of anyway.

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