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The Queue: I am terrified of the new comment system

I don’t like change. Too much has changed already this year and I have no idea what I’m doing with this new comment system and I’m afraid I’ll miss something. So this is my inaugural Queue with the new system and I’m going to have to be afraid of it while I write it.

This is the Queue. I just figured out how to change Disqus to be more like the comments used to be. I feel a little better now. Let’s talk about stuff.

The Queue: Purple is the color of my energy

Because I took the time to get a second Warrior to 110, my first Warrior to 110 is a big behind on the gearing curve. But she looks awesome.

Anyway, this is The Queue. I won’t be writing Friday’s because of eye related stuff. So you get me today. Rejoice! Or don’t, I guess. Hey, if you want to give a fella a boost when he’s about to have all sorts of nasty stuff happen to his eyes, you could buy his book. Just saying.