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Breakfast Topic > WoWOct 7, 2016 9:05 am CT

What just creeps you out in WoW?

xavius in emerald nightmare

I have friends — including one in my raid group — who hate spiders. Like, seriously phobic. So bosses like Renferal in Emerald Nightmare or Maexxna in Naxxramas aren’t fun for them. This got me thinking about if I ever felt that way, and I finally realized I did. I don’t have a specific phobia of that kind, but I generally find the dragons hanging from chains in Blackwing Lair to be astonishingly creepy. Those big centrifuges and other gadgets on the way to Nef’s room? That’s the blood they drained from those dead dragons.


Everyone has a different squick button, of course. Some of us have a thing about eyes or mouths, which I feel could make bosses like C’thun, Yogg or Il’gynoth hard to stomach. Others might have a problem because they like a certain kind of animal. I know my wife is very fond of cats, for example.

Some folks will of course say it’s only a game and nothing in it should bother you. I understand that mindset, but I don’t share it — even today, seeing those dragons hanging there, knowing they were intelligent beings who were hung up to be bled to death makes me shudder. (I also disliked the upside-down sinners room back when you could go exploring under Karazhan, that always made me a bit queasy.) So now we turn it over to y’all — does anything in WoW have that kind of effect on you?

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