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The Queue: No time for napping

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Hey…hey buddy, I know you’re a Druid and sleeping is like, your thing and all, but this is probably the worst place in Azeroth to take a nap, you know what I mean?


Why do people refer to Nomi as an adult?

Because he’s all grown up! Nomi was just a kid when you took him under your wing to teach him the fine art of cooking back in Mists of Pandaria. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have retained many of those skills in Legion. Useful skills, like not torching every piece of anything remotely edible you deliver to him.


How do you think dragons decide on their humanoid forms? Most dragons tend to choose elvish or human forms, but there’s a few outliers such as Chromie and Rhea. It’s cool if you want to get creative with the answers. :)

I think dragons just pick whatever form they happen to like. Tyrygosa, for example, picked the form of an elf because she found them more aesthetically pleasing than humans. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, it’s just up to the individual dragon — so Chromie and Rhea just happened to think Gnomes and Goblins were cool.


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like there should be a mailbox somewhere in the Class Hall?

Heck no. Look, you might sit there and go “Man, having a mailbox here sure would be convenient!” But I want you to think back to Warlords of Draenor. Everything we ever wanted was available in our garrisons. We had mailboxes, we had banks, transmog vendors, we could even set up an Auction House if we wanted to. What happened in that instance? We never left our garrisons, because there was no reason to.

I’m not saying that shoving a mailbox in the Class Hall is suddenly going to make people start exclusively camping there. But sometimes it’s perfectly okay for places to be not quite as convenient as we’d like. It encourages us to move on to more populated areas where things are convenient.


Q4tQ: What is your favorite raid tier set, based solely on the theme or concept behind it, rather than purely aesthetics?

I am still a really big fan of Tier 2 — all classes. The sets weren’t themed around Blackwing Lair so much as they were themed around individual classes. Judgement screamed “Hey, I’m playing a Paladin !” Transcendence was and still is one of my favorite sets today — I love the whole stained glass cathedral window feel of the set. Nemesis felt really dark and Warlock -appropriate, Bloodfang was pretty much every Rogue ’s dream outfit. The only one I didn’t care for quite as much as the others was Netherwind, but that was mostly because I didn’t care for the colors — the design itself was great.


Healer to Tank question. Each LFR/LFG Tank is different. Some enter the dungeon and wait for everyone to be ready. Some don’t wait. So, I like to put a star on the Tank. This helps me know where they are running off too. It also helps you standout on some Healing Addons. So… Is this annoying to you tanks? I ask because last couple of pug runs the tanks kept tanking the star off. I never use the Star when running with guild-mates or in Raids.

I’m not a tank, so maybe I’m not super qualified to answer this. But as someone who has played melee in raids for years, I can say that it’s not easy. It’s not the rotations or anything, it’s the camera — you don’t get to see a lot as a melee, and you spent a lot of raids doing nothing but staring at the rear end of a boss, vainly trying to discern which out of the pile of bodies and Hunter pets in front of you happens to be your character model. It already feels cramped. So I hated having raid markers on my head because it just added to that big visual jumble, and made everything feel more cramped.

That’s kind of carried forward to this day, even when I’m playing ranged and I can see everything. There are times, though, where having that raid marker is useful — and if it’s explained to me why the thing is needed, then I have no problem leaving it on. You might want to try doing the same for your groups, if you haven’t. Just let them know that you’re the healer and you’re putting a mark out so you can keep track of where the tank is. Most tanks should be fine with that, as long as they know why the thing is hanging over their head.


What if the world became faction neutral, but guilds could only be limited to certain races. So if you formed a guild, you could only allow eight races in. They didn’t have to all be horde or alliance, they could come from either side, but the guild had check boxes for what it allowed, or the boxes only became checked once a race was introduced to the guild (when there were eight different races, no one outside those could join until once such race was purged).

Too complex/unnecessary? Or new way to have the races banding together, but players were no longer split between alliance and horde because they liked certain races on each side?

Way too complicated. If Blizzard were ever to lift the whole faction divide, I have a feeling they’d just lift it, end of story, no complicated or messy dividing lines. To be clear, I don’t think Blizzard is ever going to do this. The game was established as a two-sided game, and I don’t really see them ever going back on that. But if they did, I don’t think they’d make it unnecessarily complicated for people — that’s kind of the opposite of what they try to go for with most instances of improving gameplay.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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