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The Queue: Unless we get a little crazy

So many wolves, y’all. So many. That’s my wife’s Hunter up there. (She’s also the one who has the two Thok’s.) I love her and it’s her birthday this week. So she gets featured on today’s Queue.

Let’s do that Queue that you do so well.


Q4TQ: What is your personal rationalization of the new demon types we’ve seen in Legion? Are they new additions to their ranks, or did they only use “shock troops” the other times we’ve seen them?

It’s the Burning Legion. It spans the cosmos, destroys world after world. I didn’t assume I’d seen every kind of demon that exists within its ranks, and in fact, I still don’t assume that even now. Even the force we’re fighting in Legion isn’t the end of the Legion. Not even close. They’ve conquered and destroyed and converted so many worlds, the idea that even this massive force is the sum total of their might… no, that makes no sense to me at all.

I assume we saw a mere fraction of their forces before.

And I assume we’re still seeing a mere fraction of their forces now.


Q4tQ have you or any other staff members had an issue with DK campaign. Where Bolvar tells you to resurrect a certain scarlet crusader, and the quest don’t show up in your log?

Apparently you have to both be level 110 and go to Scarlet Monastery to cause the quest to progress. This is based on some google searching, as I am 109 on my DK right now and haven’t gotten that far yet myself.


LoreQ4tQ: Is there any explanation as to why on the Broken Isles, a place that was underwater for the better part of 10,000 years until Aegwynn and Gul’dan raised them, how so many things are alive on it and their respective societies have seemingly been there for a very long time? Should they not have all drowned when it sunk? Did they retcon out the Isles being underwater?

The Tomb of Sargeras itself (the entire Broken Shore, in fact) was underwater until Gul’dan raised it, after Aegwyn placed the Avatar of Sargeras inside it and did the stuff Khadgar noticed in there as well. The rest of the Broken Isles were not, they were just extremely remote and inhospitable to outsiders and we had no real reason to go there until the Legion came.

So yes, I guess you could say they retconned it, but tbh I don’t count it as one. There was no lore that directly stated that it was all under water. It’s just giving them license to create new stuff for us.


Either I’m missing something, the warrior campaign has been fixed, or the rest of the warrior crowd is crazy, but I reached 110 on my warrior last night and in my campaign, I reached the part where you need to complete 30 world quests. Generally this is the point at which the campaign is pretty much finished. Complete the 30 WQs, then go kill something to tie up loose ends and bam done. (At least that was the case on both mage and DH).

I recall people saying that the warrior quests from the mission board took way longer, but I only had to complete 3 (4?) 12-hour missions, as opposed to my mage who had to complete some 8 hour missions, then some 12-hour missions.

If this was a fix, I’m glad for it, because everyone’s experience with it made me dread how long it was going to take.

I don’t recall the ‘Complete these missions’ part of the board being super long. I remember the Ulduar part of the chain being extremely painful, however. But I haven’t done that chain since launch, so maybe they did fix it.

Let me ask you — did you go to Ulduar after that part, or was that before it? If you just went to Ulduar, you’re not done with the Warrior quests. Still quite a bit to go. If you went somewhere else (I know this is vague, but it’s a continuation of the Ulduar part) then you’re done. Essentially if you have the Battlelord title you’re done.


Is anyone else completely shut down by anxiety and the LFR/GroupFinder?

I am sitting on half a dozen quests that I need to run dungeons to complete… three of them are Mythic (Arcway/Court of Stars). Every day, I log into my Main to run Emissary stuff, but I CANNOT bring myself to open up the Group Finder and wade through that cesspool to complete those quests. The last time I tried, we cleared the initial trash and then i was booted from the group with no explanation (I checked my Skada, my DPS was fine).

I’ve written about this before, but I just wanted to say that yes, I have had this happen to me. Literally everything you’re saying, down to being kicked from a group for no reason. So yes, I feel much the same way as you do and I don’t really expect to do any of that stuff for a while.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see y’all tomorrow — I’m covering Wednesday’s Queue and Alex is hitting Friday’s since I’ll be getting my eye injections and possibly laser surgery this Thursday. Think happy thoughts, all.

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