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Breakfast TopicOct 30, 2016 8:00 am CT

What’s your plan for BlizzCon?

If you follow the site, you may know I’ve been waist-deep in BlizzCon coverage for a while now, as the esports opening week rolls along. Right now, I’m typing away at my laptop while I stream Hearthstone to one window on Twitch, with StarCraft 2 playing on the Twitch app on my Fire TV. I’m using this setup because the desk in my office is just slightly taken over with purple tulle and silk flowers, as I have a fairy princess costume to make before Monday. So, I’ve been muddling along, even if my plan didn’t quite work out. I have so much to do before BlizzCon proper hits.

Next week, my plan is to use the laptop to screenshot the Virtual Ticket while sitting at my big computer, with esports running in multiple windows, meticulously following the ridiculously jam packed schedule Alex put together. I’ll have a few pre-cooked dinners set aside in the freezer, and I’ll do multiple loads of laundry in advance. I’ll go buy some healthy foods to snack on, like baby carrots and hummus, which my lovely children will totally eat and not whine about. I may even prep a half dozen discussion topics so we have lots of them ready to go every morning!

Yep, totally going to happen. Not going to binge on chips while descending into a hot mess ball of stress this year as I fight through self-imposed tech issues, not me. Wait, there’s a Girl Scouts meeting scheduled for Friday now? And Daylight Savings starts Sunday? Alright!

If you’re going to Anaheim, are you all packed and set to go? If you’re staying home, are you going to buy the Virtual Ticket, stock the fridge, and warm the couch? Is this actually going to go down like you planned, or are you living in Fantasyland with me?

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