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The Queue: Those long runs through the suppression room

If you raided during Vanilla WoW, you know what I mean when I’m talking about the suppression room. It was an encounter that required care on the part of all 40 players… and if one of them stepped out of line, it usually meant doom (and starting all over again).


But on the bright side, if I mess up one of today’s Queue questions I can just blame it on Mitch and keep going! Oh, how the raid game has changed.


What do you consider the worst boss fight in WoW? The most boring, or tedious, or otherwise annoying one?

To me, it’s difficult to decide between a few, but I think the one I hate most iiiis…
Oregorger. The one fight I have never survived outside LFR and even there I sometimes died. Terrible visibility, hard to tell where he’s going, constant LoS issues and somehow he ALWAYS appears when you think you’re safe. Urgh.

(Runner-up is definitely Hellfire Assault because I’ve never been that bored anywhere)

Liz: Honestly, I’m not sure anything will beat Broodlord Lashlayer in Blackwing Lair for me. You had to make a careful trek through rooms filled with packs of dragons and whelps while Rogues disarmed those slowing suppression traps. Everything respawned quickly and would keep respawning until the Broodlord was down, so you had to rush through it as fast as you could — it was hard to get out of combat to catch your breath and get your mana up. Any mistake tended to become a disastrous chain reaction that pulled more and more groups until you were overwhelmed… and then you’d have to start all over because there would be respawns by the time you could run back.

But if you’re looking for something more modern, Hans’gar and Franzok in Foundry. I don’t get motion sick in video games are anywhere else, but I get extremely dizzy in the Hans and Franz fight. I have to be very careful about camera angles on that one (or just close my eyes and hope for the best).

Mitch: I’m probably forgetting some, but the answer sort of changes depending on when you ran things. I hated the Iron Maidens in BRF because they had a lot of health and were sooooo boring until 20%, which is when things got crazy and often caused wipes. When you first got to them, fights could take 10-12 minutes and wiping sub-20% happened a lot and was very demoralizing. With gear, though, it went a lot faster and wasn’t as annoying.

I think for its time, Hyjal in general was okay but not great, and it’s a bit annoying to solo just because it’s so old that the game doesn’t have the sort of minimap indicators to locate mobs you might otherwise have nowadays. It’s a bit of a slog and, like Maidens, wiping 7 waves in and having to repeat all that was not really fun.

Overall, though? Screw Spine of Deathwing. It was annoying then and it’s even more annoying now. All of DS isn’t terrible except for that fight. Ugh.


Hearthstone Q4tQ: Which faction are you rooting for, and why? The Grimy Goons, the Jade Lotus or the Kabal?

Liz: The Jade Lotus has finjas. Finjas! Sold.

Mitch: I barely understand any of these words. Kabal sounds cool, though, and I think it has an evil Troll person.

Liz: Seriously though. Finjas. Murloc. Ninjas.


Q4TQ: Blizz has always been quite strict about transmogging and what we can and can’t do with it. But with them starting to make shoulders and belts hidable on top of helmets and capes, do you think they’re experimenting with a more open system?

Liz: The way Blizzard keeps taking tiny steps to expand transmog makes me feel we’ll see more additions. I’d definitely like to see more cosmetic options added to the mix (like those untransmoggable witch hats from this Hallow’s End).

Mitch: Totally. Those experiments sometimes feel a bit slow to roll out, but the system only seems to be growing, not shrinking. Here’s hoping it becomes more lenient, more quickly.


Q4tQ: what stuffed companion would you like to see in the Blizzard store next?

Liz: The stuffed Murloc in Sir Finley’s tent in Stormheim. I’d buy one of those so fast.

Mitch: Weirdly enough, this hadn’t occurred to me until I gave my girlfriend a Frostwolf Pup gift, but how are there no Corgi plushes? I buy those things’d sell fast. Outside of those… idk, L’il KT? Something related to Forsaken, but cute-ized.

Liz: Don’t you already have that terrifying plush Stitches? Do you need more undead terrors in plush form?

Mitch: Yes, yes I do.


Do you think Blizzard will have a Black Friday sale this year, with the new expansion having just come out? If so, any speculation on what it might look like, based on prior years?

As long as Legion’s on sale, I’d be happy. Haven’t been able to justify buying it given my very limited availability to play lately. Might be an early very merry Christmas to me, though.

Liz: Blizzard usually has a Black Friday sale on digital games, ranging from 50% to 75% off. In the past, that’s included the latest expansion… but with Legion’s release so recent, I just don’t know. One sure bet is World of Warcraft (which would include expansions up to Warlords) for $5. That’s a reasonable price to get a recruit-a-friend mount or just drag a friend into WoW. Last year we also had sales on StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, and Heroes of the Storm stimpacks and skins.

Mitch: As Liz said, there’s usually _some_ sort of sale that happens. It’s also worth noting that pets and mounts usually go half off sometime in December, so if you don’t see those discounted for Black Friday, just hold out a bit longer.


3 Bosses Enter (should be one better then 2 Bosses Enter): Millhouse Manastorm vs Dumass vs Leeroy Jenkins

Liz: I do think Millhouse has the most experience of this group… but if his spell backfires (probably) and Dumass runs off in the wrong direction (also probably), then Leeroy would win by default.



(I don’t have an answer, but I’m throwing my hat into the ring for Dumass.)

Liz: What, would he win by accident?

Mitch: Any one of them could win by accident, to be fair.

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