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The QueueNov 15, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: There will be a rant about how much I hate the Kirin Tor World Quests here

Hey. It’s the Queue. Let’s get to Queueing.


I feel like they need to crank the Kirin Tor quests back up a bit, it’s getting on towards a month since they last appeared (in EU at least, it was October 21st).

See, I really hate the Kirin Tor WQ’s. Some of them I can do, but I even hate those — the weird cat riding through blue quest, the flying quest. But I really hate some of the others, because I simply can’t do them. Asking a man with permanent eye damage to follow a path that only appears for a second or two does not make for a happy person.

I could very happily never see the Kirin Tor WQ’s again.


Is Thunder Totem the Shaman class hall, or that crazy to navigate hole in the mountain with elevators place in Highmooountain?

I can’t tell if this is a joke, sorry. When in doubt I err on the side of caution, so I’ll answer it.

No, the Shaman Class Hall is in the Maelstrom, the same general area as where we fought Deathwing.


Q4tQ: who hasn’t finished their class campaign? /RaisesHand I just haven’t taken the time to figure out how to.

Don’t feel bad, they’re adding more to this in 7.2 anyway. You’ve got time.


2 Questions, I guess.
The old gods want to infest Azeroth, and to do this they embed themselves into the planet, right? Send tentacles deep inside to corrupt the titan soul within or somesuch,eh?
So help me understand why the titans would lock them underground, closer to their intended goal. And second, why do the old gods wish to break out to the surface? Break out, sure, but if they broke out now, underground, isn’t it closer to the world soul?
Seems like mistakes on both sides.

First off, the Titans simply didn’t have a choice. They’re too massive to directly interact with Azeroth without risking destruction on a global scale and possibly killing the World Soul so they created armies of Titan-Forged who were properly scaled to take action. Those Titan-Forged saw what happened when Aman’Thul directly acted against an Old God — he tore a wound in the planet so vast that it bled pure Arcane power, the Well of Eternity.

So they went with option B, containment. As the Old Gods were already within the planet’s crust, they were locked into prisons that would prevent them from further acting to corrupt the World Soul. The only reason that C’thun and Yogg were as free to act as they were was that their prisons were breached, Cthun’s by the Qiraji and Silithids (with an assist by the Twilight’s Hammer and Cho’gall) and Yogg’s by Loken who used Yogg’s power against his fellows.

The Old Gods want to be free, period. Being free on the surface just means they can create armies of servants just as they did during the Black Empire which will increase their power and make their goal of corrupting the whole world easier. Once they escape their ancient prisons then they can begin the corruption of Azeroth in earnest.


I just wanna play D3, guys. Level my seasonal barb, smash things, scream at stuff, fling blood and gore in all directions. Things I’m not allowed to do in real life. And the game is so FUBAR. Freezing up in the middle of a fight, freezing up on loading screens, lagging horribly. I’ve seen that some people on the forums are having similar issues, and have tried a few of their solutions, but nothing works so far. Last resort is to reinstall the game, I suppose, but since this appears to be on Blizzard’s end, I’m not sure it’d do any good.

There’s not a question in there, so I guess I’ll take internet hugs and a cup of cocoa. It’s finally getting cold here! o/

That’s not good, I’m sorry to hear it.

I play on console so I can’t really help, but I wanted to put this here so if anyone has any idea what the issue is they could say so and maybe help you out with it.


TFH Q4tQ (and I ask because Rossi Tuesdays): What do you think the odds of us showing up on Argus only to find Wrathion already there with the Army of Light? I feel like with his quests being pulled from Legion during Alpha/Beta means that he has a part to play in this battle. Especially if you connect the dots to when he ate Lei Shen’s heart and had that vision.

I’m never going to count the little guy out, but I don’t expect to see Wrathion on Argus. I would more readily expect to see him before Argus. The Broken Shore quests we’ll be getting in 7.2 seem to me to be a very good time for Wrathion to pop up again.

Okay, that’s the Queue for Tuesday. Take care, everyone.

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