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The QueueDec 9, 2016 11:00 am CT

The Queue: 99 million year old fossilized dinosaur tail

It’s a very cool find. I’m more excited about the recent news story that Sue, the famed Tyrannosaur fossil, might turn out to have been a male T-Rex because that would have implications for the upper limit on T-Rex size (females were bigger than males in T-Rex, so if Sue’s a male, that means there would almost have to be a bigger T-Rex out there somewhere not yet found). But the tail, with its perfectly preserved feather structure, is likely a member of the Coelurosauria (all dinosaurs more closely related to birds than carnosaurs were in this group) which means it’s a T-Rex relative.

Yes, T-Rex was a Coelurosaur, not a Carnosaur. Carnosaurs were more closely related to Allosaurus than birds, and T-Rex (despite its looks and predatory nature) was pretty darn close to birds. They may not have looked like giant rock doves, but they had a host of birdlike features. And one thing that little fossil tail might end up telling us is exactly how likely it is that they had feathers, at least in adolescence.

None of this is about World of Warcraft in the slightest, but y’all were going to ask me about it anyway. So there you go. Maybe someday I’ll do another dinosaur Queue.


Q: Who’s the next Lore Figure/Beloved Hero that is going to be given the “Ooh he/she is corrupted now and is the next big Raid Boss KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT” treatment?

Jaina’s an obvious choice, but I keep feeling like Anduin or Velen are slated for the “crazy raid boss” heap.

My money’s on Baine Bloodhoof. Tauren very rarely get any story time, and when they do it almost seems like they’re the worst off for it — with the debut of the Highmountain tribe in Legion we now have Mayla, a strong character who could easily take Baine’s place as a Tauren ‘face’ character. Baine tries to use fel magic to raise his dad from the dead and we have to kill him for it.

(Yes, I know this is ridiculous.)

Really, I’m beyond tired of the whole ‘corruption’ angle in WoW. One of the reasons I like Gul’dan is cause the dude is just plain evil, selfish, power hungry and out for himself. I think the setting did the best ‘corruption narrative’ with Arthas, who dug his own grave with a series of bad choices, and hasn’t really gotten that right since. Arthas had good intentions to start, but let his anger and wounded pride lead him down the path to damnation. Having someone like Jaina do the same when she’s basically been right the whole time would be kind of awful.


Just wanted to say that I did the Shal’assic Park quest in Suramar City the other day (caught the quest ! out of the corner of my eye as I was doing the insurrection storyline), and it was one of the most amazing quests ever.

And the devs get major nerd cred for working in “Clever girl!” and “Shooooot her!” voice acted lines.

True story — I have never done this quest. Just haven’t gotten around to it.


So, I dunno. Last night I wanted to get some stuff in WoW done and it just felt like a bummer. Mimiron and Iron Juggernaught both failed to drop the engineering bit I need, and all the world quests I attempted were bugged out and I wasn’t receiving credit for any kills or anything. I know I sat down to just play a video game, but somehow it felt like I wasted the entire night.
Do you guys ever regret your time spent in WoW? I know the nature of MMOs is to get kind of addictive, but do you look out the window and realize it’s night and your day has disappeared with nothing to show for it?

I often take breaks. I’ve been taking a bit of a break lately — I still log on to mess around, level my alts to see their stories or do transmog runs, but with my eye situation and a general feeling of upset I’ve not dedicated myself to playing like I was after Legion launched and I’m okay with that decision.

I wouldn’t say I ever regret playing WoW or any game, but I definitely am past the stage of my life where I prioritize playing it over all else. I definitely understand your feelings in this case.

Oh, wait. I’m leveling my Paladin. Yeah, I definitely regret that.


Hypothetically, if I have a dwarf monk and I don’t like her anymore, which Ally race (not pandaren, sorry Val) has the funniest roll animation? I mean the idea of a huge Tauren rolling just cracks me up but this character is not on Nessingwary so there’s no real reason to switch factions.


Go Gnome. Trust me on this. Gnome. It’s the best Alliance race for Monks.


Oh thank god, I thought I was the only person creeped out by Trial of the Crusader. I mean maybe I’m misinterpreting the fights or taking them too literally, but it seemed to me I was murdering priestesses and monks of the Light while supposed heroes like Varian and Jaina cheered me on.

Seriously, is there any lore somewhere that establishes this wasn’t some kind of nightmarish death-match and that my opponents were OK afterward?

Here’s my beef with Trial of the Crusader.

They have a Warlock come out (Wilfred Fizzlebang) and summon a demon. He accidentally summons an Eredar Lord, which is like going fishing and pulling up Jaws, but whatever. The demon starts summoning in other demons, but we managed to put him down and prevent a Legion invasion in the middle of our war against the Scourge.

And Tirion says “Alas, you are victorious.”


Like it’s a bad thing that we beat a demon that he had the guy summon in the first place. “Alas, you are victorious.” I lost my freaking mind the first time I heard that line. Everything that follows, no matter how weird or annoying it is, pales in comparison to the leader of the Argent Crusade, the wielder of the Ashbringer, saying “Sucks that you beat that demon, but let’s move on” to me. Because that is what alas means here. If he’d said Alas, the warlock has died then it would have made sense, it’s an expression of pity, concern or grief. But he didn’t say that. He said Alas, you are victorious and it matters that it was constructed that way, it changes the meaning. He’s saying “It’s a pity that you are victorious.”

Were you rooting for the demon, Fordring?

Is that what you were doing? Were you hoping it would win and let more of the Legion through while we’re in the middle of trying to beat the Lich King? Is that what you’re going for?


Then don’t say alas to me. It’s not a shame that I beat that demon, it’s a good thing I did.

This has been bugging the heck out of me since TotC was relevant.


Q4TQ: What is your favorite game soundtrack of all time?

It’s a tough one for me, but I think over all I’d have to go with Chrono Trigger. Even after 20 years and stacked against modern gaming’s symphonic compositions, it still holds up even in all its 16-bit glory. Each track just has so much character to it. It also ranks highest for me because it continues to enjoy an impressive remix fan base, with perhaps only Final Fantasy VII being its closest rival. Quite a testament to Yasunori Mitsuda.

I almost never post two questions from one person in one Queue (that’s why I didn’t use Scott Leyes question about the fossil coelurosaur tail) but I really wanted to talk about this one, both specifically and in general. I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall 2 lately, and I think it has a really great soundtrack, it definitely feels a bit like what you’d expect if you were watching a movie about a guy and a robot trying to save the day while a lot of people shoot at them.

Game soundtracks are becoming more and more important as we get better sound integration. I think Blizzard’s done some amazing work in this regard — the Overwatch soundtrack is fantastic, almost every WoW soundtrack has been great, I still listen to the Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls soundtracks. But none of those are my favorite.

I could list dozens of awesome soundtracks, and a lot of you did in the comments yesterday. But I’ll simply cut to the chase. My favorite soundtrack is the Icewind Dale soundtrack. It perfectly captures the mood of the game, it’s evocative of sweeping vistas and ice-shrouded mysteries, and the darkness slumbering beneath fathoms of ice threatening to burst forth again. You can sit and listen to it, or have it playing in the background as you play the game, and it works either way.

That’s what game music has to do, ultimately — it has to serve the game, help evoke the proper emotion for the action you’re undertaking. WoW has generally done quite well at that, but the first time I ever noticed it was Icewind Dale, and it’s still my favorite.

Okay, that’s the Queue for Friday. Alex put out the second Lady Superior book, so you should pick it up and read it. It’s Christmas, you need gifts for folks, everyone wins.

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