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The Queue: I meant to do that

Please ignore yesterday’s Queue header image, because we totally meant to do that.


So.. we’ve got Christmas trailers for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm… but I haven’t really heard anything about what’s new this year in WoW when Winter Veil starts on Friday. Anything of note so far?

Liz: Enjoy the same old, same old until we start getting micro holidays.

Mitch: To be fair, last year did add a mount, a pet, and (I think) a few more things. Plus, it looks like starting with the Valentine’s Day holiday, Timewalking-style scaling will work on the event bosses for players level 20+. More farming? Sure. But still a nice QOL change the holidays needed (and not one that could be applied to Winter Veil anyway).

Liz: Yeah, just this year looks like another year for sameness. And I’ve done this one… a lot at this point.

Mitch: Yeah, but you can go BACK TO DRAENOR this year!!!!

Liz: Pls no.


Q4tQ: My friends and I made this observation the other day, and I’m wondering if this is just our bubble or if this is a trend: Now that we’ve settled into the legion reality, we noted that WQs have completely replaced dungeons as the repeated, reliable endgame PVE undertaking for those not concerned with extreme progression. In WOTLK, we ran and ROFLstimped heroic dungeons for the best time ever because… that’s just what you did as a filthy casual with reasonable goals. In Cataclysm we died down and lost a lot of people because anything above normal, (pre end time dungeon patch) was just not worth the hassle of this new “these are supposed to be hard BTW” swing in the other direction. We were out for Pandaria and came back after the legion announcement to find dungeons pointless in WoD. Now we have WQs and… I mean the idea of queueing random heroics seems laughable, and Mythic and Mythic+ seem LOLNO to us given the inevitability of the death of “mythic only.” We only consider dungeons while leveling or for WQs.

So I guess my question is… are we alone in this (entirely possible) or have WQs replaced heroic dungeon spam for the “good enough is good enough” PVE player?

Liz: Honestly, I’ve developed serious group-phobia over the past expansion or so. I know I’m a perfectly capable player (not the best, but not bad), but going into PUG dungeons (especially heroics) makes me really anxious because of player behavior. I won’t PUG at all as a healer or tank. Sometimes you hit the lotto and get an awesome group. Sometimes you get one that does nothing but hurl abuse until you’re vote kicked. So… yeah, I definitely feel World Quests have replaced dungeons as casual advancement. Instead of repeatedly, painfully running dungeons, I can World Quest my way into gear and then do higher level content in guild groups when I want to.

Mitch: I think I say this every time it’s brought up, but y’all should really try to dip your toes into Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons. If you list your own group on Group Finder, you have total control over everything and can tell people ahead of time it’s a learning experience. They’re really a lot of fun. But to get back on topic: When I do play my alts (briefly though it may be), I tend to do WQs for the emissary rewards, and occasionally PVP. The new scaling system is great for it, and PVP gear is pretty nice. Random dungeons haven’t been usurped by WQs because they’re “good enough,” though (for me at least). WQs fit my style of barely playing alts. On my main, I’ll queue for dungeons for the AP.

Liz: Mythics are for guild groups of people I know. Strangers, heal thyselves, because I am not putting up with you. Sorry to all of the perfectly nice strangers out there.


Nomi & cooking — I have been using the Nomi Cakes add on to keep up with what I need from Nomi. I have consistently kept his queue full while dumping all of a single item in to him at a time. It has taken me until today to get the last recipe. Not to mention, I still have 14 that are not at max rank. Is this the same experience that others are seeing?

Liz: This is the annoyance of RNG-based gameplay. I haven’t been bothering with the addon, but just throwing food at him. Still don’t have everything. Hooray for randomness!

Mitch: I haven’t really bothered with cooking. Everyone seems to hate Nomi though, so I’m sure you’re not alone.


Do we know if there’s any type of reward for doing the Xe’ra / Illidan quest chain? I really don’t want to do more Illidan quests.

Liz: You do collect some gear along the way but… if you’re tired of Illidan (and that buggy Ravencrest’s Legacy quest) there are probably easier ways. Right now the chain ends at the collect-80-box-tops Soul Prism of the Illidari quest.

Mitch: Isn’t this the one that rewards an Artifact appearance? I can’t remember. But gear-wise, it suffers the same problem profession gear does: By the time you get it, you have better gear anyway. But isn’t the lore in itself the reward?! Illidan had this prophetic life we knew nothing about! We’re learning all about it now and we can feel bad for murdering him after he did terrible things! Aren’t you thankful?!

Liz: Doing the Light’s Heart scenario gives you a tint. And it may be required for class hall advancement. But if you do take Mitch’s line of thought and think lore is its own reward, you definitely don’t need to repeat it on alts (if that’s what you’re asking). Though it’s entirely possible it will gate something at some point.


Q4Q: Do you think that success of F2P games like Heroes and Hearthstone has paved the way for more microtransactions in SC2 & OW?

Liz: I think it is now a microtransaction world; we are just kindly allowed to live in it. But, seriously, it’s been a success so of course they’re going to try to continue that success, so you see microtransactions in their latest (Overwatch) and added to older titles (StarCraft 2 and, with the Necromancer, Diablo 3).

Mitch: Specifically in Overwatch, no, I don’t think so. Loot boxes, sure. But no way they’re going to lock skins or maps or heroes behind a paywall. SC2 on the other hand… yeah, a bit. The Abathur commander for co-op cost money, and I’m sure the other ones have as well (I’ve gotten behind on it so I don’t know for sure).

Liz: I’m pretty sure all the commanders cost $5. And it makes sense; they’re a chunk of new content.

Liz: That’s all for today, Quevians! Please leave your questions in the comments for the esteemed Mr. Matthew Rossi to answer tomorrow. We’ll see you next week!

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