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The Queue: Surreal is the word

Surreal is the word of the year, according to Merriam-Webster and, indeed, our video game world is a weird one, too. But surreal? Well, at least sometimes.


What do you think of gifting a virtual gift? I.e. pets or mounts.

Mitch: I love the idea. I do it every year during the 50% off sale. Of course, it’s from me to me, but…I still love it.

Liz: I don’t think it can be called a gift if it’s from you to you.

Mitch: Three words: Treat. Yo. Self.

Liz: Yo is not a word.

Mitch: In all seriousness, like most presents, it’s more about the person you’re giving it to than the gift itself. If someone’s expressed interest or collects mounts/pets, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you’re just completely out of ideas and need to get a gift for someone who sometimes plays casually, maybe fish for some more ideas first.

Liz: If it’s not a WoW-player, silly idea, yeah. But if someone plays WoW and enjoys collecting or just looking cool? Sure. It’s a neato gift that not everyone would bother to buy for themselves. Plus Mischief gives cash to charity (though this cutie isn’t on sale), so it’s win/win!


Didn’t know they’d cancelled the Overwatch comic. So other than online, are there no plans for any ‘real’ Overwatch comics at present?

Mitch: If you mean the graphic novel, then yes.

Liz: Which is a bummer. I think this was going to be Micky Neilson’s last project with Blizzard.

Mitch: And you’re also correct about no present plans. But this one seems to have been cancelled because it was an early-concept idea that doesn’t fit with existing lore anymore. I’d imagine they have a better idea of the story as a whole now and could theoretically make one happen.

Liz: Blizzard is still doing these ongoing comics, but they don’t seem to be on any particular schedule. They appear randomly.

Mitch: Yeah, digital comics still happen. Graphics novels aren’t on the table atm.

Liz: As far as we know. And who can truly know the mind of Blizzard?


Q4tQ: what is the next expansion going to be?

Better late than never!

Mitch: Wait, better late than never? This feels early (although it’s never too early in my books).

Liz: You can never start speculating too early.

Mitch: Anywho, I desperately want an Old Gods expansion. It seems like a lot (and I mean a lot) of the talking from Shadow Priests’ dagger is about N’Zoth, and it’d be a shame to build up a story all through an expansion only to have us take a weird divergence to another dimension before actually making all the build up pay of. COUGH. COUGH.

Liz: I’m just waiting for Kul Tiras.

Mitch: However, I also wouldn’t mind an expansion with a whole lot of scenery like the Isle of Giants in Pandaria. That grass was so green and had dinosaurs galore. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Who would even have a reason to dislike dinosaurs? Not me.


QFTQ: Do you feel that Blizzard will change Suramar physically when Nighthold opens/after we end the Nighthold tier like what they did with Vale? I’m thinking it would make sense for their to be a physical alteration to give the story some finality.

Mitch: I seriously hope Blizzard learned from the Vale not to change something that’s beautiful. Or to at least give us a way to go back. They’re already changing the area, but only in terms of NPCs. Suramar has such an amazing story that it’d be a shame to see it not make sense in future expansions thanks to a Vale 2.0 situation.

Liz: I liked the Vale in the way it really felt like the story changed… but I hate that it ruined something so beautiful that had been there so briefly. And now it’s one of those things that we’re never going to repair because we don’t go back to fix the things we’ve ruined. But Vale was also kind of weird, because there were a lot of places in Pandaria where they used phasing to let the world change around you… but the Vale was just gone. There was no quest chain to complete, nothing, it was just wrecked.

Mitch: See, here’s the thing I don’t get, and in all likelihood there’s something making it way more complicated behind the scenes but… we can transform Blasted Lands (like, ALL of it) by talking to an NPC. Why can’t Blizz do that with more zones? It’s cool to see the change that happened to the Vale, but it sucks going back on an alt. Like, there’s still the HUGE buildup to the place being closed for ages and it’s this bright, golden place where Pandaren are now trekking to and… it’s destroyed…but no one acts like it.

Liz: I think what we’re getting at is the idea of changing the world around you is really cool… but the Vale transition had rough edges and there’s no way to go back.

Mitch: I like changing the world if I’m there for the change.

Liz: Players making the world change. Showing player impact is one of the things MMOs are notoriously bad at, but WoW’s phasing can make it happen.

Mitch: Like, you can go back to the DK starting zone and you experience the story from A to B to C. Just because others have finished it doesn’t mean the buildings are already burning when you’re there. I guess I don’t get why they didn’t try to do some sort of phasing in the Vale. Blasted Lands tech also totally throws me off, because it seems like a perfect solution to a lot of zone-changing issues (including That One Topic).

Liz: It’s the weirdest if you run through Pandaria on an alt.

Mitch: It makes zero sense. Like, it’s on the level of expansion timelines being messed up, but it happens in the middle of an expansion.

Liz: I don’t think we actually answered Cloud’s question at all.

Mitch: I did! That set us on a tangent.

Liz: Well… I’ll take your word for it since I’m not going back and rereading all of that. I really like what they’ve done with Suramar, the way the story unfolds as you progress through it. If they keep up with that style when changing the zone, awesome. Let’s do it.

Mitch: Yes, as long as it still works in the future on alts

Liz: Definitely. It would be a shame to ruin the cool stuff that’s there now for the sake of change. Phase it!


Q4tQ: What’s the deal with the Highmountain Greatfather Winter riding a sleigh down the mountain. I passed him on my way up the mountain. I would have followed him, but I was just about to log for the night and head to bed after I discovered the Iron Enclave fp. Does he do anything cool, or does he just sleigh around?

Liz: He hands out class hall order resources to good girls and boys. Well, actually everyone, regardless of gender.


2 Bosses Enter: Mei vs Arthas The Lich King

Mitch: Mei is The Worst. She might not out-damage Arthas, but she’d make him so frustrated, he’d just jump off Icecrown to end it faster.

Liz: Well… Mei has ice and Arthas has Undead. Do Undead care about temperature? And those huge undead dragons would just fly over an ice wall.

Mitch: Yeah but she’s Mei.

Liz: And if this is in a theoretical Heroes of the Storm fight, Arthas always dies in the end.

Mitch: Exactly.

Liz: Also Mei is just so adorable. Who could withstand that level of cute?

Mitch: Cute? She’s evil incarnate.

Liz: Adorable evil incarnate.


Liz: Still adorable.

Mitch: Terrifying.

Liz: And that’s it for today’s Queue, folks. Tomorrow— hey, wait, did you just hear something?


Liz: I’m not a paleontologist, but…

Mitch: IT’S SO… wait, what are you doing? No, no, nooooo!


Mitch: What cruel twist of fate hath been wrought on me this day!

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