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The Queue: A magical unicorn of hate

I’ve seen some complaints recently that Mitch and I don’t argue enough in the Queue anymore, so for the New Year we’ve resolved to ramp up our natural tendency to disagree. After all, Mitch is basically the annoying younger brother I never had, so it’s not like it’s that much of a challenge.


Q4tQ: what do you think is the better way to go?
1) One class with a main spec and under geared (AP wise) off specs.
2) Multiple alts of the same class with a single spec.

Liz: I’d say stick with one character. Then you just have one character collecting Artifact Knowledge and better gear, both of which make it easier to knock out World Quests to gain Artifact Power for your off-spec Artifacts. Otherwise you’re just starting from scratch with Artifact Knowledge which just sounds painful.

Mitch: Well, Liz isn’t making this easy on me but you know what I say? One class, one spec. Alt specs are for people who don’t play Priests, and people who play Priests should only ever play Shadow.

Liz: Shadow has low glitter potential.

Mitch: That’s a good thing.

Liz: I guess if you’re a cultist worshiping evil void lords, sure.

Mitch: I am.

Liz: Ugh, cultists.


Why does the Twelve-String Guitar from the Diablo event have a 1 hr 6 min cooldown?
Sounds like a reference but I don’t get it.

Liz: The cooldown is exactly 66 minutes and 6 seconds. It’s the cooldown of the beast.

Mitch: As someone rediscovering Diablo’s greatness in Heroes of the Storm, I approve of Blizzard’s decision on this.

Liz: So… more demonically inspired cooldowns?

Mitch: …Yes.

Liz: Lower cooldowns are less demonic.

Mitch: Unless used for demonic purposes.

Liz: …Okay, you’ve got me there.


Q for the Watchers: How do you motivate yourself to write articles as needed? Especially when it is on a topic you are not passionate about, but it was assigned to you? I assume The Queue is never like that, you’re always passionate to answer our questions. But just about work in general.

Liz: Part of it’s just the job. News appears and someone’s gotta write it… and if there’s no one better suited around, you’re that someone, whether you care about the news or not. The biggest problem is that if you don’t care about what you’re writing, it tends to show — and then the people who are reading it aren’t going to care, either. I try to look for something interesting or funny, even in news that seems kind of dull. (Or you can just bring on the snark, like when I wrote “Diablo introduces lackluster rewards for season 7, we pretend to be excited.” Though, frankly, I don’t think I was pretending very hard.)

Mitch: This is actually a really good question that could really be applied to a lot of jobs. How does anyone deal with Charlie Work? Personally, I don’t have a perfect solution. What Liz said does work (one of my favorite posts is my pre-coffee sass-tastic one about Master Plan) but if you can’t find a way to do that, well… I fall back to formulaic approaches. “Okay, I need one paragraph about X, one about Y, a little of this throughout…” and so on. It’s admittedly not the best approach, and probably something I should work on.

Liz: The problem with that “one paragraph about X, one about Y” is that it can make really boring reading. YOU MUST FIND THE JOY IN THE STORY, EVEN IF THE JOY IS IN HATING THE STORY.

Mitch: Yeah, I totally agree. It works a little better for news stories in that, even if joy doesn’t show, it’s more neutral than it is boring. However, my first Shadow Priest post is probably my second-most disliked Shadow Word for that exact reason you describe. I needed to write “anything 6.2” and that’s what I did. But it’s not really exciting to summarize things for a class, even if you love that class. I hit everything I needed to, but it didn’t have the voice I like to put in my articles.

Liz: Voice is really important to writing. It’s why you read this instead of just reading the patch notes. And sometimes it’s hard to find, especially when you have a checklist of facts you need to cover.


Liz: Back in Ye Olden Days, we had Christian Belt writing Mage columns. It didn’t matter if you played a Mage or if you had any idea what a Mage was, really. You’d read Christian’s columns because they were fun to read. And that’s the ideal goal. It’s tough to get there, though.

Mitch: Yeah, it’s definitely great when you can read a piece and, without looking at the author, go “this sounds like a so-and-so piece.”

Liz: Spoiler alert, the first thing that will get me stop and really read an application for writers (to this site, to any other site I’ve worked on) is something that makes me laugh. You have to find what’s entertaining at the heart of whatever you’re talking about.

Mitch: The money I included in my application probably helped too, yeah?

Liz: Well, the fact that Matticus buys the editors coffee when he has the chance does mean we overlook his less grammatical writing efforts…

Mitch: See, it all comes back to coffee! (Which, by the way, I was serious about that Master Plan article. I specifically remember writing it before I’d had coffee.)

Liz: I think coffee is something we can agree on.

Mitch: I’m okay if that’s the common ground.

Liz: Coarse or fine, though?

Mitch: Not too fine. But probably a little closer to fine than coarse.

Liz: We have gone hilariously off-topic.

Mitch: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Okay, this is OT but….! Mass Effect Andromeda just got a release date. March 21! *\o/*

Liz: I was the first one to ask for vacation time that week, but there’s a lot of competition. It’s possible that the entire site staff will call in sick for the day. Sorry, Quevians.

Mitch: Don’t be surprised if we become Mass Effect Watch that week (…also don’t be surprised if we don’t. Bug Adam about it.)


2 Bosses Enter: Samuro vs Genji

Mitch: Samuro.


Liz: Come on, Genji’s a robot ninja. He’s got this. Robot! And ninja! Unstoppable! (As long as he avoids bicycles.)

Mitch: Yeah but Samuro is close to Ragnaros in terms of insta-bans.

Liz: So… because people dislike Samuro almost as much as they dislike an elemental lord, he’s more powerful than a robot ninja?

Mitch: Look, I told myself that I wanted to git gud in 2017, and I’m doing that by understanding the meta.

Liz: Your priorities are so messed up.

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