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Which quests just aren’t worth it?

There are tons of quests in WoW that are pretty darn great (as we’ve discussed). But some quests…. well, it’s better to just walk away than to burn the time it takes to finish them. A case in point: my current bane, The Felsworn Must Fall. For this quest, you’re required to kill a relatively small number of mobs (15 in total), but you need three different types of mobs, and only one spawns in quantity. Add faction tapping into the equation and you have a recipe for a frustrating, time consuming quest experience where you’re sitting and waiting for a single spawn… which the opposite faction seems to tap every time. (Some quests would be a lot easier if they let quest mobs count for either faction, regardless of who tapped first.)

Sure, some World Quests are fun and relatively easy to do… but some are nightmares that can leave you camping spawns for an hour. And sitting in the game doing nothing while waiting for a spawn to show up? Not fun. Just not fun at all.

So today, tell me: which quests just aren’t fun for you? Are there any World Quests you’ll just skip over, even if you need it? Or or you just an equal-opportunity quester, judging quests by reward rather than difficulty?

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