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The Queue: Tethys no

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Look I know as a Grand Admiral you’re probably a pretty busy pirate, Tethys, but I feel like I should point out that that is not how the ground is supposed to work. I mean, come on.


Q4tQ: Do you think it’d be interesting to have “Flying when in Spirit World” to be attached to the current Pathfinder achievement?

Let me just be honest here — I think the graveyard system in this expansion feels terrible. Honestly, I think something like being able to fly to your corpse should have been in place with the onset of the expansion. It’s possible to do so in Suramar right now, but dying anywhere remote is incredibly frustrating. Doubly so when you realize there are two or three other graveyards closer to your actual body than the one where your ghost spawned. But to answer your question — yeah, actually, part of me thinks that would’ve been a great addition to Pathfinder part 1. At the same time, I feel like getting back to your dead body isn’t something that should be considered a “perk.”


First time QFTQ – when completing the A Fallen Star quest from Khadgar – I noticed that one of the portals we had to close had what looked like a Summoning Stone behind it. Any idea what that leads to? Could it possibly be our entrance to Argus?

That’s not a summoning stone — I’m assuming you’re talking about the Exodar portion of the quest. In the Shaman area, there are several stones on display that look like summoning stones, but aren’t. They’re just pretty visuals for that part of the city.

As for getting to Argus, I’m going to suggest that perhaps whatever it is we do at the end of the Tomb of Sargeras raid doesn’t so much just close the portal into our world as it closes one portal, and opens another.


Doesn’t loot spec still work fine and achieve what it is trying to achieve (notably non-armor slots)? It seems to do the job well for me. I’m not for instance getting agility trinket junk for my restoration shaman when in enhance spec anyway.

You know, it does…sort of. I know that my problem (and I think a problem with other people), is that world quests don’t really take spec into consideration. So I’ll be out and about doing those, and I’ll get loot — mostly relics — for a spec I don’t play, and an Artifact I don’t actually have in my possession. Because I don’t want to play it. It takes a little of the fun out of rewards, but just a little.

The problem I have with this whole loot spec idea is that I never get to pick my quest reward anymore. I can’t choose between leather gloves, or a really pretty cloth robe that I would like to have because I’m a roleplayer and we hoard these kinds of things. I can’t pick the practical plate belt, or the silly leather pants. The options have now been narrowed to “Oh hey, leather gear. Pick one.”

It’s boring. I miss the variety. It’s like they added transmog to give us some much-needed customization options, and then proceeded to throttle every other option for variety — like we’re supposed to be able to make choices, but only the choices they deem important enough for us to make. Give me some options, is all I’m saying. Even the ridiculous ones.


Q4tQ: is it okay to be a MM hunter and not take Lone Wolf?

Look, I am from the school where you can play and take whatever talents you want, if it makes you happy. You want to be marks and have your fuzzy friends along? Go for it! Skillfully shoot things with your pet at your side. There are other schools of thought, however, and one of them quite clearly points out that your DPS is better served by not having said pet at your side. Those schools of thought may be correct, from a cold, logical, numerical standpoint. You can listen to them if you’d like to pewpew harder. Or you can just play however you’d like to play and call it good.

I will advise you that most raid guilds and raid groups are looking more for optimal pewpew ability, and less for the sheer joy of having yet another fluffy pupper prancing around in melee, however.


Speaking of getting rid of an Artifact Weapon… Did I imagine it or do the AW’s have a vendor price? If so, has anybody tried to sell theirs?

I decided to log in and check this out just for you — and also because I was curious how much money a vendor would fork over for something as wondrous as an Artifact weapon. Unfortunately, none of the vendors were interested. I went to four of them, and in each instance, it simply said “The vendor does not want that item.” You’d think if a wayward adventurer were wandering by with something that powerful in their possession, any vendor worth their salt would be interested. I mean, the profit margin potential alone is pretty substantial.

But alas, no. Also, just for fun I tried throwing the things away. That didn’t work either. And now we all know.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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