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The Queue: A restful retreat

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I like Archmage Vargoth’s little sanctuary in Dalaran — at first I thought it was a little spartan, but after looking up, I realized just where he stashed his sizeable collection of books. Must be nice to just float one down when you need it, huh? You know what else is nice? Answering your questions — let’s get into that.


Two questions: 1. Do you feel the PTRs are coming too fast to let the other content breathe? 2. In 7.2 did they say at BlizzCon whether Mythics (not + affix) would be queuable via random? Or will they be changing quest requirements to allow H completion?

For your second question — no, Mythics will not be queue-able. However, the Mythic-only dungeons will be getting Heroic versions, and you’ll be able to queue for those.

As to the first question…I don’t think so. A PTR is basically a playground to test new content. Not everyone logs on or participates in PTR testing. But for people that have completed all current content, the PTR is an additional something to do, if they’re so inclined. What you do on the PTR doesn’t carry over to live realms, so I wouldn’t really consider it part of normal play. There’s no obligation to log on and test things out. But having it there as an option for something to check out if you want to see what’s coming next, or simply want to do something a little different than your usual routine, isn’t a bad idea at all.


Q4tQ: Has Blizzard ever said why they never did anymore MoP style Scenarios? If not, why do you think they ditched the idea? Did players just not do them? I will admit that they fell in a weird place in the gearing system, never really giving anything of any real value, but they were quick, simple, and fun.

I believe all the explanation that we got was that scenarios were being rolled into the questing experience — this is still in play, and you can see it in places like the introduction to Stormheim. I’m really not sure why they were removed entirely. As a player that primarly picks DPS roles, it was nice to be able to jump into a scenario for something to do while waiting for the much longer LFG or LFR queues. Made the time fly by. It’s a little better now, because there are always world quests to do while waiting for the queue to pop, but I really liked the scenarios. They were fun, some of them told stories, some of them had unique situations that were a little crazy, but highly entertaining. Unga Ingoo in particular was a favorite — I loved the zip lines all over the place.


All this talk of the Tillers has me missing Dog. Are there any plans for us to get him in our class halls during Legion since we were able to bring him to our garrisons?

I’ve heard nothing about Dog! But I wish he’d come back. Honestly I don’t want him in the Class Hall. He’s my dog! I’d really like him to just…joyfully show up out of nowhere at random, while out in the world doing world quests, barking his little head off and wagging his tail. And then when you click on him, the text says that he’s been looking and looking and finally found you, this time, and he’s not going to let you run off again. And then you get him as a permanent non-combat pet.

It’d be a nice end to that particular story, wouldn’t it?


Question for the Queue: I have missed the Twitch stream for some time. Are all the characters at max level now? Now long did it take (/played) to do that?

Everyone is maxed level now, yes! Originally we’d intended to go Horde after hitting max, but Legion has proven interesting (and we really want to do Return to Karazhan), so we’re working on getting our gear up enough to maybe go do some Mythics and that sort of thing. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know my character’s /played was at 7 days, 15 hours or so. I think everyone else is probably at or near that, since we were all playing at the same times, for the most part.


Are there any dangling plot threads in WoW that you would like to see resolved?

I’m still wondering what happened to Lilian Voss. She almost died in Scholomance, but apparently survived that whole escapade, because she showed up very briefly in Warlords to send players to Auchindoun, if you had the Inn. But I feel like her story is far from over, and I’d like to see what exactly she’s up to now.

Alternatively, I’d kind of like to know where the heck Magatha Grimtotem wandered off to at the end of the Thousand Needles quest chain — it’s the last place we see her, she’s got an incredibly powerful device in her possession, and we never found out exactly what she intended to do with it. I’m sure she’s bound to pop up again at some point.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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