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Should WoW bring back guild leveling?

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While I do enjoy World of Warcraft a great deal, I also play other MMOs and recently have dove back into Neverwinter. One of the newer additions to the game is Guild Strongholds. It’s an entire zone dedicated to guild housing with raids and small party encounters as well as building projects built right into the instance.

I mention it because part of the mechanic to build up the guild stronghold is donating gold, gems, equipment, etc. to the guild coffers never to be seen again. Not only can you give your excess stuff crowding your bank bags, but you can run special quests or craft special items to donate as well. And I have found that I really enjoy this as I don’t have enough time to raid with my guild but do have enough time to craft a few items or run a few quick quests to help them progress with the castle progression.

I’m very much enjoying contributing to my Neverwinter guild’s progression without actively raiding with them and wish I could do that in WoW as well. But since there is no longer guild levels in the game, they mostly get my moral support in guild chat.

Would you like to see a return of guild levels to WoW? And if so, how would you like to contribute to its progression? Would it be the old raid/PvP/5-man/daily quest model or would you like to see professions, pet battling, and follower missions thrown in?

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