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WoWJan 31, 2017 2:43 pm CT

New patch 7.2 PTR build brings new Artifact Traits, Broken Shore content

Ashbringer Artifact

The patch 7.2 PTR is about to get a new build, and it’s a doozy. Up until now the PTR has been focused on testing the Legion Assaults and feature changes, but now we’re looking at the quest chains to unlock the new Artifact Traits coming in patch 7.2. There are a total of seven quests in all — one for tank specs, two for healing specs, and four for DPS specs, presumably differentiated between ranged and melee to some extent.

In addition, the new content around the Legionfall faction and the Broken Shore is open for testing as well. Some important caveats to that are that the Broken Shore world bosses are not yet open for testing, there’s no faction rewards for Legionfall yet, and many of the quest rewards are still works in progress.

In addition, the order hall campaign quests continue and “several other things to discover” around the Broken Shore are in as of this build. The order hall questline is related to unlocking the Artifact Traits, so pay close attention to how that works when you’re testing it.

Class Mounts, The Tomb of Sargeras raid and five man dungeon, and flying on the Broken Isles are not in this build and as yet are not testable, but are still slated for patch 7.2 so keep an eye out for that as well. Community Manager Lore shared the details of what to expect — and what we won’t be seeing just yet — on the official forums.

Originally Posted by Lore (Official Post)

This week marks our first major content push to the Patch 7.2 PTR. There’s a lot to dig into, so we’d like to provide some additional insight into what you will (and won’t) find in this update.

Most of the Broken Shore content has been unlocked, starting with the introductory quest chain. You can pick that up just by heading to Dalaran – it’ll be automatically pushed to your quest log when you arrive. That quest will lead you to the rest of the Broken Shore content available in this build, including the new World Quests, the continuation of your Order Hall Campaign, unlocking the new 7.2 Artifact Traits, and several other things to discover around the island (such as new treasures and rare enemies).

Note that, while the quest chains to unlock the new Artifact Traits aren’t fully unique to each specialization, we did make sure that none of them are repeated within a class. That means there will be a total of 7 unique chains, all of which are ready for testing in this build – 1 for tank specs, 2 for healing specs, and 4 for DPS specs. So, if you’re playing a Rogue, you’ll have a different series of quests to upgrade your Assassination, Outlaw, and Subtlety Artifacts, but one of those will be the same as what you’d experience as, say, a Fury Warrior.

Also available for testing in this week’s update is a new PvP Brawl (Gravity Lapse), some updates to the reputation system that allow you to earn additional rewards past Exalted, new Order Hall upgrades to research, and additional followers to recruit.

There’s a couple things related to the Broken Shore content to keep in mind while testing it on the PTR:

  • The Legionfall faction is available, but the rewards are not yet implemented. You’ll be able to earn reputation, but there’s no quartermaster to purchase items from yet.
  • Many of the item rewards from killing mobs or completing quests are still a work in progress. Some things might be missing their rewards entirely.
  • The final Broken Shore zone will include a region-wide, cross-faction effort to construct buildings to fight against the Legion’s stronghold. For the purpose of testing on the PTR (which has a much smaller number of players), we’ve reduced how much it takes to construct those buildings.

Other important content that’s coming in Patch 7.2 but is not yet available for testing includes:

  • The Broken Shore World Bosses
  • Class Mounts
  • Flying
  • The Tomb of Sargeras raid and Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon

We’ll be unlocking that content for testing in future updates as 7.2 development continues. For the time being, we’re looking forward to reading your feedback on everything we’re enabling in this week’s build. Thanks, and happy testing!

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