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The QueueJan 31, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Losing track of time

An illusion? What are you hiding?!

Hiding something? Me? No way. I’m just an average everyday Queue writer, exactly where I should be. Why would you think otherwise?


Q for MitchWatch: How is the afterlife?

There is no Mitch Watch, unless you’re referring to the number of people who keep an eye on him so they can be the first to say “Mitch no” in any given situation, as is well and proper.


Q4TQ: Is there any way to get 870+ gear outside of raids or serious Mythic+’s? I seem to never be around when people are doing any kind of Mythic that might drop better gear. I do world quests when I feel like killing time in order to try to get more of the bits for upgrading legendaries. I raid with the guild. I do those weekly quests when they have loot boxes (basically, whenever it’s not PVP or Pet Battles). But otherwise it seems like I don’t really have options for improving my gear. Currently 874 ilvl, but I feel like I could get it higher, and need it to be higher to help put out more DPS to help beat raid bosses. Already feels sucky that I have to grind content that’s otherwise useless to me in order to try to some day upgrade just one of my two legendaries that, being pre-7.1.5, are 30 ilvls lower than if I’d gotten them just weeks later (and yet, were still good enough that two 880’s I’ve gotten so far have been wasted because they were for those slots).

Seems like all of my in-game time is just grinding content I’ve already done over and over and over to fill a bar to try to raise an ilvl on an item, or grinding older raids to pay for flasks or gems. Which I guess wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t that doing it “right” means spending hours each night on the game, which isn’t healthy for me at all (in fact, I’m trying to reverse health issues from doing that too long).

Is this what Legion raiding is, or is there some way to improve and retain my sanity?

At ilevels that high, your options start to become really limited. As some commenters have said, you’re hoping for Titanforged or Legendary drops. Even if you did jump into raiding, LFR Nighthold only drops 850 gear (though, again, there’s the chance for Titanforged).

There is some help coming in patch 7.2: the top ilevel of World Quest items is being bumped to 860. Sure, it’s not an upgrade outright, but it gives you a better chance to get 870+ pieces without heading into any dungeons.


What is your opinion on the crafted Legendaries being put into 7.2?

Yes! My opinion is yes.

I got my first Legendary this expansion last week, nearly five months after it launched. Five months of a complete lack of luck is pretty harsh, and I like the idea that you can counter your terrible luck by crafting something. None of the patterns seem like they’ll be easy to make, and on top of that they all appear to be stats-only, without a powerful secondary effect. Sure, they have a lot of stats, but they still don’t seem as powerful as random drops.

So craft away, people. And, if you hadn’t seen them already, Wowhead has a list of these new Legendaries. (Though bear in mind that the details could change before 7.2 goes live.)


With regard to Genn and “the situation demanding it…”

What exactly did the Forsaken ship do to provoke the attack? Is there ANYTHING at all that takes place in that zone that would make you think it’s anything other than a vendetta? We as players have the benefit of a 10,000 foot view, but the only thing Genn knew was “Hey, a Forsaken ship, let’s bomb it.”

Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of Genn. Which is to say that I think his decision to say “peace out, I’ve got a wall” to the Alliance was somewhere between short-sided and cowardly. And, I suppose, with a bonus of greedy, as Genn was uninterested in supporting the Alliance with Gilnean resources when it didn’t directly benefit him. Both Genn and his people have paid the price for his overconfidence, but I don’t see how you can fully trust someone who’s previously abandoned you simply because it was convenient.

I trust Genn about as far as I can throw him, and, as a Gnome player, that is not very far.

However… from the perspective of the Alliance, I think it was the only rational move to make. The Alliance — and Genn, especially, as he was in the thick of the fighting — blames Sylvanas for the death of Varian. While players who have seen both sides of the Broken Shore cinematic know that the Horde was overrun and its leader dying when Sylvanas made the call to save who they could, the Alliance is still in the dark. (It’s a storyline that strikes me as odd, because the groups were apparently in close enough communication to coordinate this attack against the Legion, but after Varian dies there seems to be no attempt to communicate with them again. Vol’jin’s death and Sylvanas’ rise as to Warchief isn’t acknowledged.)

Was the attack unprovoked at that precise moment? Yes, but any Alliance forces would have seen this as a followup to their Horde-inflicted losses on the Broken Shore. Not unprovoked, but a counterattack. Certainly Genn has a personal grudge against Sylvanas, but I feel Varian’s death was the driving factor here. (Might Genn have held his temper if Varian were still alive and the Horde were clearly working with the Alliance? I think so.)

I think making the crux of the conflict between the Alliance and Horde based entirely on both sides inability to have a simple conversation is rather ridiculous. (Come on, you are living peacefully side by side in Dalaran, but not one of you is willing to have a conversation about this?) But the Alliance’s behavior since the Broken Shore is one that assumes the Horde intentionally left the Alliance to die, leading to the murder of its king. With the information they have, it’s no surprise they feel a need to be aggressive with the Horde — striking first to avoid another unexpected defeat.

(And no, the Skyfire crashing was not my attempt to assassinate Genn Greymane. Why would you even think that? First of all I would have come up with a plan that worked.)

That’s all for today, Queuevians! Tomorrow someone who is sure to be properly located in space-time will be here to answer your questions, so leave some good ones in the comments

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