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Are we worthy yet?

One of the themes of WoW is this cosmic test of our worthiness to fight for our own survival. This expansion’s biggest proctor in this test has been Odyn. I think one of the reasons fans didn’t take to Odyn is this constant feeling of him jerking us around, frankly. We’re never done proving our worth to this guy right up to the point where we kill Helya for him.

Honestly I’m at the point where I feel like my resume should kind of speak for itself. I’ve done things like stop C’Thun from conquering Kalimdor and restarting a new Black Empire. I defeated Kil’Jaeden at the Sunwell, and dealt with the Lich King, Deathwing, and Archimonde (twice!). So I feel like an entire raid fight where Odyn tests me after he already tested me in a dungeon is overkill. But I gritted my teeth and proved myself to Algalon, so I guess I have to do it again with this guy.

What about y’all? Tired of proving yourselves yet? Do you feel like your heroic deeds are recognized?

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