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The QueueFeb 3, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Because I watch a lot of AMV/GMV’s on YouTube

Pidia asked why I quote Fall Out Boy in Queue titles and suchlike.

I watch a ton of AMV/GMV on YouTube and Fall Out Boy comes up a lot. That’s pretty much it. Not everything I do is a super obscure, meaningful gesture. I save that for my novels.

Sometimes I’m just listening to music because I like how it sounds or I saw it in a video. That’s how I discovered Fall Out Boy — they did a song I liked for the movie Big Hero 6.

I also liked Big Hero 6, by the way.

Anyway, here’s the Queue. If you’re curious, I’m listening to Ressurect by Kings and Creatures right now.


I could swear I read somewhere that Vol’Jin would make a return of some sort. As for Varian’s death – we did not see a body, nor did we see a disintegration like we did with the end of Nighthold. No body in fiction means no death. Especially when the Legion is involved and they do terrible things to powerful people (in the form of making them into monsters). So I suspect we will be seeing Varian again as a raid boss somewhere down the line.

As for the ‘this cheapens Anduin’s journey,’ imagine how he will grow more battle tested after having to try and fail to restore his father. Overcoming bitterness toward Malfurion who got his brother back, dealing with Genn’s failure to report the fact that Varian’s body didn’t get destroyed, interacting with Jaina who has had similar losses. There are a lot of great story threads there when the death/non-death pokes him in his slightly high-and-mighty face.

Varian’s dead. He’s not just dead, he’s really very very dead. He’s ‘Gul’dan exploded him right in a cinematic‘ levels of dead. We didn’t see a body because there wasn’t a body to see, because it done blew up. Lockengwen posted a GIF of it. We see the Fel crawl up his face, see Gul’dan cackling away, see him explode in a cloud of green awfulness.

Varian is dead.

Now, if they pull a ‘No, Varian isn’t dead’ after that, I and quite a few others would likely be somewhat irritated that they jerked us around all expansion, gave us such a gut punch emotionally and then just pulled the run out from under us with this. It would not be a wise move, in my opinion.

There was a statement at Blizzcon that Vol’jin’s story wasn’t done yet. Whether that means he’ll be returning from death or if there will be some other way to continue his story, I don’t know. Perhaps he comes back as a Loa or something. But I’d be utterly incredulous if they brought Varian back after the Broken Shore cinematic.


Now that we have the Nighthold Raid. I think once you reach exalted reputation and kill Elisande (on any raid level), we should be able to walk around Suramar without any disguise. Cause… We just killed their boss.

Actually, killing an Elisande aggros every Nightborne in the zone, because you just killed their friend.

Seriously, I agree. We just installed a new ruler. Phase the whole thing so that there are no demons and nobody asks me what I am hiding.


Just noticed something when running Halls of Valor

When you run Dire Maul and become King, all hostile NPCs become friendly with you and you are able to chat with them. Proving myself “Worthy” to Odyn does nothing to the NPCs there.

You’d think they would at least not kill you on site after Odyn promised to carve my name into the Halls of Valor himself

I’m the Battlelord of the Valarjar. I’m exalted with the Valarjar. I’ve killed Helya in ToV. So I’ve proved myself worthy to Odyn like six freaking times at this point, and those jerks (who, I remind you, are Valarjar, of whom I am the Battlelord) still attack me no matter what I do in that dungeon.

It’s not right. The Valarjar are freaking idiots. I will not be said when 8.0 drops and I can stop coming here.


Random idea for a future raid:
13 bosses.
The first 12 of them can be fought in any order you’d like but you need to kill them all to get to the last boss.
The first 12 bosses also take place in the 12 order halls in Legion and each one has mechanics that are a bit of a nod towards the class and their order hall.

I would rather see a proper raid in a new location ofc but this would be pretty cool as a sort of side raid like ToV.

Instead of that, how about this:


The Legion has raided Un’Goro and the Isle of Giants and is assembling an army of fel-corrupted Stegodons, Devilsaurs (they loved the name), Direhorns, Pterrordaxes, Skyscreamers, even Fel Threshadons and each of the species has an exemplar, a boss monster that is an exceptional member of the species with even more Fel corruption.

Yeah, I just want to shoehorn more dinosaurs into WoW. I don’t care. I am absolutely into the idea of an enormous Fel Threshadon boss, maybe one with a new model based on Liopleurodon.


Thanks for the mention/response.

Rossi, I was wondering how long you’re going to have to take these eye injections and whether you’ll be able to stop taking them or not at some point?

As long as I want to be able to see. So no, I’ll never be able to stop taking them. I’m no longer taking them once a month, at least. My next injections are scheduled for April. But no, I’ll never be ‘cured’ of this, it’s a degenerative condition and I’ll likely go blind anyway. The injections just slow the process and reduce inflammation to prevent more damage. It’s likely I’ll have laser surgery again sooner or later.

I know this isn’t a Blizzard question so I’ll answer a couple more for people who don’t care about this. But thank you for asking, Eno.


Q4tQ: So I’ve got five champions all leveled up – epic, ilvl 850, the works. And I can pretty much cover any situation as far as I can tell. So is there any real reason to level up the other three?

Well, if I’m correct they’re adding a sixth champion slot in 7.2 during the new Class Order Campaign quests. Aside from that and the achievement coming in the patch, I don’t really think it’s necessary to do it, but I’m doing it anyway just because.


What is the best way to equip your Champions?

I put a both a +40% for missions shorter than 4 hours and +40% for missions longer than 8 hours on all of mine and seem to get to 200% on just about every mission.

I mostly go for bonuses to mission success, whether it’s just that, or bonuses with missions with Shieldmaidens and Aspirants, or duration of mission bonuses. But my favorite is Thorim, who I use as my combat ally and who gets me a cool 200 or so Order Resources every single time I do a World Quest, even if it’s not an Order Resources WQ. I did one quest that had a 900 Resource reward and I got close to 1200 with Thorim as my combat ally.

Plus it’s hilarious to summon him when fighting Vry’kul. “Hey, guys, it’s your god. He works for me.”


Q4TQ: So we know that the final boss of Tomb of Sargeras is going to be Kil’jaeden himself. KJ is known as The Deceiver and I really feel we are being / will be victim of one big deception from him in the near future or at the end of 7.2. Do you have any guess as to what that big deception would be?
A lot of people still bring up that whole Khadgar-is-evil thing since KJ stopped Gul’dan from killing him at the beginning of Legion but at this point, I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with Khadgar.

I have no idea, but my job is to speculate for you all, so here goes.

Kil’jaeden isn’t trying to invade or destroy Azeroth at all, although that’s absolutely what he wants us to think he’s doing. What he wants are the Pillars of Creation, in the hands of the same mortals who have balked Old Gods, Titan-blessed Dragon Aspects, his own rebellious creation the Lich King, and even himself. Because Kil’jaeden wants control of the Legion, real control of it — he has no desire to be a lackey for Sargeras.

His goal is to get us to use the Pillars of Creation to seal away Sargeras in the Twisting Nether forever, so the Mad Titan can’t escape. Once we’ve done that, he’ll dispose of us. He expects us to be weakened by having to fight our way across Argus to find the place where Sargeras’ portal waits, and since we’ll think he’s dead (since we ‘beat’ him in the Tomb, we won’t expect him) and he will in fact beat us, steal the Pillars (and maybe our Artifacts, too) and leave us stranded on Argus while he goes to take control of the Legion and turn it to his purposes instead of Sargeras’.

We’ll be forced to find new weapons and allies on Argus to free Sargeras so he can punish Kil’jaeden for his treachery while also escaping the Mad Titan’s wrath.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see y’all Tuesday.

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