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The Queue: Wardens don’t like birds I guess

Anyone else disappointed that none of the quests to kill Falcosaurs in WoW reference Falco?

Come on. You know who Falco is. The Rock Me, Amadeus guy. Der Kommissar.

Sigh. Never mind, I’m ancient. Let’s just talk about stuff.



Is there any information on what needs to be done to get the class mount in 7.2? It is 7.2, right? Like – do you just need to be finished your class campaign and bam, you can get the new mount?

My goal is to have all classes to level 110 with their campaigns done by the time 7.2 drops, but I’m not doing much for most classes beyond getting to that point. Is there anything else I could be doing to get ready? Or isn’t that infoz available yet?

The Class Mount is part of the  Class Order Hall campaign additions in 7.2. As long as you’ve progressed your campaign to the furthest it can currently go, when 7.2 drops you’ll be able to start on the campaign and get your mount. As was pointed out, you’ll need Pathfinder Part One done to start on PF Part Two, which is also in patch 7.2.


Q4TQ: At BlizzCon, Ion talked about continuing our Artifact’s story in 7.2. With 7.2 hitting PTR, what we’re seeing is 7 quest chains to upgrade our artifact with a new trait, etc. Do we think that this is what Ion was talking about at BlizzCon, or is there something else coming?

The seven quests are basically so that every spec in every class has a different quest than the other specs in that class. So all the tanks get the same quest because no class has more than one tank spec. There are two healing quests because Priests have Disc and Holy, so one class has two healing specs and therefore there need to be at least two different healing quests so they don’t double up. There are four DPS quests because Warlocks, Hunters, Mages and Rogues all have three DPS specs, so they each need three different DPS quests and I expect they deliberately made four so they could have some variety.

It’s not dissimilar to how Priests, Warriors and Paladins all went to the Tomb of Tyr in Tirisfal for their various artifacts. There will also be new Artifact appearances to look over as well.

To answer your question, yes, I believe this is what Ion was talking about at BlizzCon.


So as I said yesterday, I completed “A Legendary Campaign” achievement for completing all 12 class order campaigns. This was my long term goal in WoW.

What do I do now?

All the Order Hall Campaigns are getting expanded in 7.2, so I’d say complete them all again.

Aside from that, enjoy your newfound spare time, I guess.


The falcosaurs are an invasive species in the Broken Isles, right? So where did they come from?

No one has said. Basically, we have no idea. The closest land masses are Northrend and the Eastern Kingdoms, and they don’t seem to be from either of those. Maybe they’re a native species from some Legion world that have fled the demons. I honestly have no idea.

Honestly, the way we’re killing them it seems less about stopping an invasive species and more about the Wardens hating ‘their cacophonous revelry’ which seems like a weird way to refer to birds just trying to bird it up. But whatever, Wardens, you want them dead and I need that emissary chest so let’s do this.


The token waiting in my bag for months on another account, is it good for only game time since I bought it months ago or can use it for transfers, too?

This got answered in the comments but I figure it’ll be a perennial question. Yes, you can use tokens you just had in your bags the same as tokens you buy from now on. The change to the token system doesn’t make a new kind of token, it just lets you apply it to your balance.


What should I level next… (I already know what, like, four of you will say :) )

A) Shaman
B) Warlock
C) Monk
D) Priest


Look, Warrior wasn’t one of the options. I assume it’s already been leveled to 110. If not, then you really should.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Seriously, the whole Falcosaur thing just feels more like Wardens don’t like birds.

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